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Hi, I'm Cath from South Wales Lupus Group, we have a number of events and social meeting coming up and wanted to share them on this forum in case people would like to attend or make contact with us. The next event is planned for the 20th November where we will meet at the Red Dragon Centre, Cardiff Bay from 2pm onwards. A group of us usually turn up, have coffee (and cake) and a good chat and offer support to each other. Members new and old are all welcome to join us, we are a friendly group who all have lupus or associated conditions. We look forward to meeting you.

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  • Hi slowmo I am interested in attending the group I have been once when I was initially diagnosed but seemed to lose touch with SWLG

  • Hi there, sorry to hear that you've lost touch, feel free to re-engage and keep in touch, if you're a member of Lupus UK you will be on our mailing list and we can automatically send you information. I'll post events on here from now on too. We're also on Facebook, we have a webpage where our events are also posted and our twitter feed is updated regularly. You are more than welcome to come along to our meeting in November or drop us an e-mail at if you need any more information. Take care.

  • Hello. I live in Pembrokeshire. So about 2 hours from Cardiff. I wish I lived closer so that I could attend some of your events.

  • Hi, we have a meeting coming up in Bridgend in the new year if that would be of any benefit? If we have any closer to you I'll be sure to post on here. If you've ever travelling to the South East of Wales do get in touch as myself and fellow co-ordinator Edwina are more than happy to meet up for coffee and chat. Do take care Wendy.

  • Thank you.

  • Thanks Cath,

    I'm South Wales based, but probably couldn't get to meetings atm. I've messaged you in case you are able to keep in touch via email

  • Great, I've sent you a message with information.

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