Black toes?

Hey everyone as some of you know I have sle, pernieus anaemia and Raynaud's disease too. However the last two days my toes have begun to swell up and turn blue/ black. The have been very painful to the point I'm now struggling to walk with them. Anyone had this before? My little two toes are so swollen that they

Won't bend anymore. I am also 10 weeks pregnant.


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7 Replies

  • Hey, sorry you're feeling unwell. I too have sle, raynauds and also folic acid deficiency. However, mine started post pregnancy so not sure about how it behaves during pregnancy. What I would say is that hormones can play havoc with lupus and I get blue toes from raynauds. My dad has several autoimmune illnesses plus raynauds and once had his fingers turn black but I'd be very cautious as when he saw his gp he said it was extreme lack of circulation and he was lucky to have kept his fingers. So not to scare you and it's probably all fine but I'd say def get it checked out, it's not worth the risk, especially when you're pregnant. Take care and good luck x

  • Jenny,

    my toes turn a very dark purple and swell up considerably with raynauds, however i really do think you should see your gp just to be 100% sure and esp seeing as you are pregnant.

    Good luck

  • Happened to me - but only when I stupidly started smoking again after quitting for several years. I had been smoking about five every day for 6 months and as soon as I stopped, my toes got completely better within two weeks. Nothing to do with pregnancy - but maybe something about circulation?

  • Thank you :-) will ring out of hours doctors today and see what they say x

  • Not medical but Hughes syndrome can cause problems when we are pregnant, worth taking a look

  • Hello Hayz24 :-) I have SLE, JHS, FM and Raynauds. You must get this seen to as soon as possible. I don't want to worry you unnecessarily but I have personally been told that it is very dangerous if my toes (or fingers) turn black. I was advised if this happened to me, that I should go straight to A & E. This could possibly be the Raynauds to an extreme point. It is however a bit strange that this has happened in pregnancy though as symptoms are normally reduced at this time due to increased blood flow. I am assuming your toes first went white, yellow, purple and now black (although some stages can be missed) and in the worst possible case scenario (presuming you are asking on here as you need answers), I'm sorry to say that this could turn out to be gangrene. I hope you manage to get some answers today and are hopefully seeing someone as I am typing and that it is nothing as bad! Congratulations on your pregnancy and hope it all goes well for you. Hugs. x

  • Hayz24, not trying to scare you but you need to go to a/e asap to get checked out. this may be raynauds but due to the lupus and being pregnant its not worth the risk. if someone without our condition and/ or pregnancy told me this i would advise exactly the same. :) take care x mark.

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