Does anyone suffer pain when eating? Not the swallowing itself but

does anyone suffer pain when eating? Not the swallowing itself but as the food goes down. I cannot eat 'dry' food any more. It feels as though the food is getting stuck almost down as far as my breast bone and is very painful. It can happen in bouts of days or weeks at a time .Specialist just passes it over with a shrug!!

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Yes, I do. Have to drink water when eating. Is it anything to do with a dry mouth in your case? I think that my issue is to do with the fact that I have a sort of pouch (a diverticulum) in my oesophagus where the food gets stuck if it is dry.


many thanks Jude, I do drink water to help. It seems like I need to keep mentioning it to the Doc' to see if someone will check it out for me. Take care.



there is not enough saliver so to help do as Jude does,If you have not told the doctor do so next visit .


Hi, yes I have the same problem and was sent to see ENT. They did the camera down thing whilst I was under anesthetic so they could relax my swallow mecanism, like you said they just shrug and then discharged me. I am still getting the problem and it can be quite scary somethimes.

I'm going to St Thomas in London in a few weeks I hope they might give me an answer. I will let you know if they can tell me a cause.

Best wishes Helen


Hi, Yes it is scary at times and it really does hurt! Good luck at St Thomas and i hope you get some answers. Warm regards


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