Does anyone else suffer from feeling Hot and feverish but body temp is normal or low?

I have been noticing more & more recently that I have times (often evenings) when I feel like I'm burning up, nothing will cool me down and I feel awful as if I am running a fever yet when I check it my body temp is normal or even low. (sometimes too low for thermometer to read).

I do not yet have a Lupus diagnosis as my rheumy now thinks I am more likely to be suffering from Palindromic arthritis than lupus (tho I'm not convinced)

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  • Oh I feel like this all the time, but not feverish, just hot red and sweaty, I am worse if I drink alcohol, I can only think its the meds I am on causing it, its quite funny as I look rather menopausal .. good luck

    J x

  • Hi Jen, yes I have this too, mainly at night but a few times during the day, thought it might be my thyroid tabs needing upping as low temp associated with low thyroid but recent test high normal so not that. Sweaty flushes often suffered by Us Loopies but haven't heard of any one else having the low temp........sometimes as low as 34C, never above 36C. Even bought an ear thermonometer to check!

    If anyone out there has an explanation I'd love to read it! Beth x

  • Mee too! GIves me a steaming headache aswell but I have raynauds so I frequently use my forehead to warm my hands lol

  • Me too although mine could be the menpause as well

    Love your thinking loubielou....

  • Hahah and yet another "oh yes I do exactly the same" moment

    i sweat so much that it drips off my eyelashes and down my neck and back. I literally feel as if I am on fire.

    Havnt even bothered telling the dr as feel as i do nothing bt complain x

  • I am seeing rheumy monday (had to ring the helpline to get appointment moved forward from april) so I am going to mention it to him. I was beginning to think it was just me and I was going mad

  • I aso get an intense burning sensation in the base of my skull, its worse when laying down or resting my head on a pillow... Makes me feel really quite ill

  • THanks dalediva :) being inventive is a good way to cope for me :) xxx

  • I get this feeling too, feels like flu symptoms with no temperature. I can't decide if it is associated with tiredness as it normally happens in the evening then goes after a rest. I don't sweat, just when lying down feel the room spinning! X

  • chris

    i feel the same way. the only way i can describe is feels like i am running 104 degree temp and aching like i have the flu...drs just look at me like i am crazy. i am getting worse. i cant find a dr that will try to stop it? i feel like i they are missing a diagnosis of some kind? of you dont mind saying what does your dr think this is?

  • Been looking back at questions for body throbbing found this I get this all the time,morning,noon and especially at night.everyone tells me I'm menopausal but I definitely can't be had a full hysterectomy nearly 20 years ago.if you got any answers fort this could you please send me any that fit ty x

  • I had bloods checked for hormones as GP thought menopause too but came back all normal so def not that

  • Yes, I DO suffer that much. I have had this problem for a couple years where I feel WAY too hot every single day, no matter what the temperature is like outside. Sometimes when I walk outside and it is freezing cold, I have to take off my jacket because I am too hot all the time even in cold weather. Whenever I sleep in my bed (even in the wintertime), I have to take ALL my clothes off AND put a fan on, and sometimes I am STILL too hot. Even if I do those two things AND have the AC on, it is STILL not enough. It gets worse every single day for me, and I feel more and more hot/ overheated every day, and I don't understand why AT ALL. Trust me, I TOTALLY understand. It is EXTREMELY uncomfortable. I have been taking medicine for it for a long time and nothing has helped AT ALL. In fact it only gets worse the more time goes by. I really wish I could find a solution to this problem

  • Me too. I have no clue if there's correlation to yeast but I take a daily probiotic to balance my PH. My body's PH tends to kill the good bacteria which evidently is not uncommon. . If I go to long without taking the probiotic, heat begins to feel trapped under skin. I'm starting to think it's related to high yeast levels circulating through the body.

    Does that sound crazy?

  • That actually sounds very possible christi55555! I'm wondering which probiotics you take? I need some.

  • You are the ONLY person I've heard suggest that other than Me! I had a Total hysterectomy 4 years ago and I knew immediately when I woke from surgery something went wrong. My blood pressure which always runs high dropped to 40/60 and had to e given oxygen. Long story short, I've seen 8 different Dr's have continued explaining all the same symptoms but all blood work comes up Normal. Until a migraine headache sent me to the ER in January and had a MRI which found a tumor on my pituitary gland. So all the blood work did not show anything wrong. I read an article online about candida and symptoms of overgrowth as well as what all can be damaged if left untreated. But EVERY time I ask a Dr to test me for it I get "the look" of absurdity and them saying NO its Not That and I have yet to be tested for it. I wonder if there's a home test you could take or how they would check you so that I can look for it myself from the results of my blood work. If you have any other info on it I'd love to hear about it.

  • You need to find a naturopath or an doctor that does integrative medicine. Anyone else will look at you like you're crazy. Most of us have problems with Candida yeast. Western medicine has a long way to go in recognizing how many ailments are related to yeast overgrowth.

  • Just measured yet again and using four thermometers, I got readings of 95.7 / 95.3 / 35.5 / and 36.4. I am always TOO WARM - help!!

  • I have several medical conditions, but the primary one that I have is Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome. One of the symptoms of this condition is my body has an inability to regulate my body temperature properly. Sometimes I'll run a low grade fever or my temp will be 96 because of it. I am lying here now feeling like I have a 104 temp, but my thermometers say my temp is 97. It's an annoying symptom. It gives me pretty rough headaches and migraines sometimes.

  • I'm wondering if you've found any help for this. I have the exact same problem. I am lying here feeling like I have an extreme fever but the thermometer says my temp is 97. I've been like this 24/7 since Oct 2016... 9 months. I've seen all kinds of doctors. Every test I've taken has come back negative except they did determine that I have Hoshimoto's but the Endocrinologist has tried synthroid, methamazole, Iodine, etc. and nothing helps. So now they don't think it's the thyroid, although it is greatly enlarged. Something is causing me to burn from inside. My quality of life is miserable. I'd love to hear how you are now and if you've found help. I didn't know about POTS till just now. I will have to ask to be checked for that.

  • I went to a chiropractor for the first time last Tuesday for nerve pain. Every since I have had migraines, tachycardia upon standing, weakness and severe nausea..can't even eat. Are these all symptoms associated your diagnosis of postural orthostatic tachycardia. I have been so sick and weak. Thank you.

  • In the last month or so . I've noticed I've had a problem with temperature . It was cold outside but I was baking . I've gone into work and have been sweating when the room is freezing .

  • Have you found any cure or anything to help with this? I have the exact same problem. I've been extremely hot for 9 months, 24/7.

  • Yup was happening for years. would always get worse when i was tired and later on in the day. looking back, this was one of my first symptoms. I (and my gp) just didn't put two and two together.

  • I have that too it started with a cold and then my legs start feeling weak, now i am getting all hot and feverish yet my temp. is 35.4 . Not only that but my throat kills and i struggle to eat without feeling like im gonna throw up and now im constantly feeling sick

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