Does anyone know of any effective pain killers that stop arthritic pain?

I'm on a cocktail of drugs, as I'm sure many of you are, but no matter what I try, I never seem to find pain killers or anti-inflammatory drugs that stop arthritic pain. It is really starting to get me down now, and I'm starting to get fed up. Does anybody know of any medication that actually stops the aching? It's driving me insane!

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I know thos pain oh so well and even tho they have lost a lot of lunch with me right now, the only relief I have managed to get was from TRAMADOL

they are string and the side effects cause drowsiness etc but they do take the pain away xx

i wish you luck huni xxx


I agree, the best pain killer I have found has been Tramadol. Doesnt take it away completely but does ease it.

Good luck





I have the same problem the only thing that i found that works that you can buy over the counter is co codamol, or the doctor can prescribe the really strong stuff, i tend to only take it when i'm in the house or before i go to bed as it makes me a bit drowsy. It really does work for me though and i get a good nights sleep.



Yes I agree Sam, I find tramadol doesn't work for me at all, but co-codamol makes me extremely drowsy, and also makes me itch. Do you find that too? There just doesn't seem to be a real effective alternative on the market. I eat healthily, I try to make sure my joints are strong and well used so that I don't get stiff, keep warm, but there's nothing that seems to work for me, I'm a complete mess! Thanks for your advice everyone, it's much appreciated x


Hi, have you tried diclofenac (voltarol) from the doc. I got it for pluerisy but also seems to help my joint pain. When really bad i take it with cocodamol. Hope you find something. x


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