Anyone not feeling like eating anymore?

I guess I will lose some weight. Every time I look for something to eat, I hesitate. I think, wow, I am going to feel that later, and I am going to be very uncomfortable and bloated. I just don't want to eat anything anymore. Gluten free stuff tastes like cardboard. I did make a gluten free bread because I love bread and it tastes a little funny. But, I am trying. Just tired of figuring out what to make all day long. And then feed the family too...Tired...

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  • I was about to upload a similar post defiantly like me however I have no explanation I could eat like a horse weeks ago now can't be bothered to touch food that is cooked for me or my in laws have cooked for me I hesitate at some things and feel like I want to heave and vomit at the prospect Of any food and the worst thing I have no explanation for it and am rapidly losing weight each week at least 5 lbs almost a 1lb a day used to be 10 stone am now 9.4 stone in a week and half interested to see if any have an explanation

  • I have all your symptoms along with bad stomach pains going into chest and neck I had an endoscopy a couple of weeks ago and it showed I have biliary reflux and antral gastritis which accounts for most of my symptoms along with the feeling full after a couple of mouth full's, I am having an ultrasound scan on friday to see if I also have gallstones despite having my gallbladder removed 5 years ago. I have to watch what I eat and when it flares I am restricted to water for 24 hrs. my weight is low any way so this is not helping. My GP says I am already on the treatment for both conditions and nothing else can be done but until I see the gastroenterologist again I don't know if he is right. I take metocloprimide to empty my stomach quickly and this does ease things I also take lansaprazol to help with some of the reflux.

  • Metoyou...I think partly it could be depression , and just so tired of having to even work at chewing and digesting food. The enzyme I am taking for digestion has to be taken before every meal. It helps with the bloating a little. The bloat usually clears up by morning as everything passes. And then the work starts over again. Trying to eat gluten free as to ease digestion and save the body energy is a chore! Not fun. I already couldn't stand cooking a meal, and now I have to work harder to find food that doesn't inflame. Where to find the strength?I am worried you are losing that much weight. You are young. I am 50 and a little overweight, so I am not getting that thin...but, you must try and find the strength within to keep fighting. For yourself and those that love you!

  • Tracynoe...thank u for that valuable info. I feel full after a couple of bites too like my stomach is just not digesting. I will look into those tests when I can. Please keep updated about your results. I am very curious to know. I had a sono on gallbladder. No stones. Curious, how do u get gallstones without a gall bladder? Where do they sit?

    Good luck with your gastro...

  • Hi there I feel exactly the same !

    It's just a horrible feeling when I eat & I've been trying gluten free but it's just not nice. My stomach is unbelievably massive after food. Great to know I'm not on my own having this feeling, it makes you obese doesn't it . It makes me feel I don't want to go out & everything I put on looks awful around my fat belly .

  • too. Lupus has been affecting my mouth lining for some time now. Where I used to love fruit my mouth flares at the slightest strawberry. The only thing I seem to tolerate is bananas. I am now down to bland food as the slightest flavouring sets it off. Fresh herbs are one way around the flavouring. I have lost 1 and a half stone since Christmas. I have tried lots of different breads and have found the asda es wholemeal is just right for my palate as other breads seem to be dry....I can't have toast because it makes my mouth sore. I butter the bread, liberally grate cheese and pop under the grill until the cheese melts, normally use double Gloucester....a farmhouse type...and cut into squares.

  • Ladies I can so relate to the feeling full after a couple of mouthfuls, and also the bloating, and I mean bloating, 9 months pregnant look. No-one mentioned flatulence, I am not phased, so I will add, I have just awful flatulence, honestly I scare the cat!!! My most worrying symptom for me is the difficulty swallowing, both food and liquids, feels like it is stuck. This is all accompanied by upper right quadrant pain, feeling of pressure (or balloon being blown up) under my right side ribs, just awful.

    I have already had chest x-ray and lower abdo ultrasound, nothing untoward found, so on Monday I am off for a upper GI endoscopy. I do know I have a hiatus hernia and reflux, if this shows nowt, I shall be requesting a gallbladder ultrasound and HIDA function scan.

    Waiting for blood tests on Coelic Screen and H-Pylori blood test. My GP is a very thorough man.

    I have bought forward my Rhuematology appointment by a month, because with my other medical issues, APS, Renal disease on top of SLE, this is simply too much, I am miserable, and fed up with having to buy clothes two sizes up so they are loose.

    For those of my age, 52 and going through either Peri or full menopause, these problems can be caused by this, my GP bought this up yesterday.

  • Hi karen...well I am glad you mentioned the f...word..flatulance..yes at times its outrageous! But I can blame the dogs! I have put on so much weight with lupus and drugs ect, but bizarrely, some days I have that bloated full feeling, and get these awful central sternum intense pain ..sore to breath for a bit..then as quck as it came its gone...20 mins.I also get lots of upper well.It is all so odd, and I think that unless you have this weird co one understands the daily cycle of events! I just get so so down with my body image and self esteem..I feel I want a badge saying ..I dont overeat !

  • Kate...I was thinking of making a t shirt to that effect.. The one I was going to do was, "Broken, be kind to me"

  • Lupuskaren...i found all my problems started getting worse through peri. I am almost at menopause. I have had a terrible time swallowing too. Very scary.. I have to chew better as I hope that my family knows the hymylic (don't think I spelled that right). I feel wide around the belly too and hard to find clothes loose enough to wear. One day at a time. Lowicklady55....terrible about strawberries. I love them too. Maybe u can eat them when u r not flared. And also, cheese is considered inflammatory, I think. I love cheese and try to just eat low fat which is not as good. One of the things I had to give up that I am upset about. Gluten free keeps me less bloated and my digestive enzymes. I have that uncomfortable bloat under right rib cage too I can't stand. No gall stones. Gluten free bread is very dry and falls apart. Ugh!

  • I weighed 177lbs (don't know how many stone that is) and lost 39lbs when I first contracted the disease. Didn't eat for three weeks then one night I went to bed and left my phone in the front of the house. When I awoke the next morning I couldn't get out of bed. I lay there for three days hoping someone would show up. After three days I launched myself out of bed and got to the phone.

    Forty mg a day of prednisone and I gained the weight back in 4 weeks..On 40mg you sleep an hour a day and spend the other 23 eating. Turns out they have these things called supermarket and you eat anything you can pay for. I tried emptying that supermarket

  • Gwesler....if you don't mind me asking, why couldn't you get out of bed? Was it physical pain, inflammation, mentally. I have a great deal of difficulty getting up in morning mentally.

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