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The majority in favour of Sheffield :)

Well I am beavering away here in the background (not as quickly as some unfortunately, this horrible illness claws at every single move I make and slows me down lol).

The majority opinion as location for get together goes is Sheffield. I really do wish there was a way we could get everyone there but it is just not possible. But all in traveling distance would be more than welcome :)

Tomorrow I am going to start and find a venue, hoping this will be a hotel/cafe near to Sheffield station. As soon as I have any more information I will pass on to you all.

It would be great if possible to have email address for those that would like to come along so if you are happy to send this to me, could you please drop it in a pm.

Many thanks.

Hugs and blessings to you all..

Silver :) xx

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I can do Sheffield, it's only just over an hour on the train.


Excellent :)


Hi Silver, I live just outside Sheffield so I will also start looking as well. We have the Supertram from just at the back of the station that can either take you into the centre of Sheffield or on to Meadowhall shopping complex (But don't recomend that) way to far to try and walk - know I can't. I will get a couple of friends of mine who work in Sheffield onto it. What time of day are we talking. Late lunch - early evening ? And are we talking 'just a coffee & bun or pub lunch type place. I know it does not want to be Loud music or we won't be able to natter!

Talk soon and Thank you for all this work. Hazel xx


Hi Hazel,

Any help you could provide in this respect would be greatly received as I don't know Sheffield at all. I think that somewhere close to station would be ideal as I personally can't walk to far and I would like the time to be accessible for as many as would like to join us.

I will put a blog out asking what people would rather do, I'm happy to do pub lunch or just coffee, will open it up to everyone else, times/dates also.

And its a pleasure, I'm actually quite enjoying myself :) xx


I am in Doncaster so I can come.

Free rail travel!

Luppychick x


Wooohoooo, awesome :) x


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