Can I ask a huge favour of my fellow luppies?

Can I ask a huge favour of my fellow luppies?

I'm currently in a competition to win a kitchenaid mixer, I love baking it's pretty much my only pleasure these days, but it can get pretty difficult sometimes. Having a kitchenaid won't always make it easier, but it'll certainly help. And it'll make me really, really happy during this crappy flare if I won! I only have two days left and I'm in 3rd place (about 90 votes below the top 1). I've attached a picture of the cupcake bouquet i've entered.

You can vote here:

it only takes a second but you can't do it on your phone, it only works on a computer. all you need to vote is a facebook. just click vote and you're done!

Thank you!

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  • Fabulous cakes !!

  • Thank you! :)

  • lovely cake xxx vote done gl

  • Have voted and shared and yes I did vote for you!! Good luck-really pretty cake!

  • thank you both!

  • Done, good luck.

  • 2 More. Good luck!

  • Good luck, hope my vote helps :) x

  • voted and i wish you luck hope you win xx

  • Done. Beautiful and good luck X

  • Done! Fabulous! Good luck and let us know how you get on.

  • I voted for you, good luck

  • Hi Hippo_dignity

    What a fab cake, I love cupcakes and that looks really scrummy! I have voted for you. Good luck.

  • Done- hope you win. Good luck! x

  • Absolutely lovely, have voted and good luck x

  • Wow that is awesome-have voted - hope you do win ! You deserve to.

  • yummy cakes!! i voted via my son on facebook as im not a member. good luck!! x

  • Thanks for all your votes guys, it really means a lot! I'm currently in the lead (as far as I can tell) by one!

    thank you!

  • Good luck, looks fab and I have liked it too x

  • Looks fab, well done, have voted. good luck hope you win.

  • me again, my daughter just voted and shared it too x

  • Wow ..looks great! Voting done - good luck! xxx :)

  • Thanks guys

    I'm in 2nd place right now, need lots more votes!

  • Gosh you are so clever. Lovely cupcake. Vote done xx

  • Hi, i would be honoured to vote for such a beautiful cake but the link says page not found.....😢

    Please re post.

    Thank you


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