Would this suggest Lupus to you?

My daughter has been unwell for nigh on 2 years with fatigue, rashes, joint pain, sore throat, depression and as I have Lupus I am becoming more of the opinion that so has she. She was at the Doc (again) this week with a sore throat (again) and he diagnosed tonsilitis (again). He gave her Doxicycline and she had a major allergic reaction. When we looked into it more this antibiotic is contra-indicated in SLE. I am allergic to Septrin. She is in what I would now class as a flare. Anyone else this is virtually diagnostic? GP had to treat the allergy with steroids so I demanded a Rheumy referal for her which he did begrudgingly.

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  • Wouldn't like 2 say it was Lupus but would be inclined 2 say it sounds like she has some sort of autoimmune condition :0/

  • Going to get her tested and bloods done so will hopefully get answers then

  • I had all my children tested when I was diagnosed with lupus as my cousin also had it and it turned put that 2 of my 4 children also have lupus so just ask your doctor to do the blood tests for lupus I was lucky as my doctors agreed because of the family link

  • Is it possible to request for a family member to be tested for lupus due to symptoms that relate to family members having lupus? If so what is the best way to go about this?

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