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Does lupus flair when you have an infection or flu?


I have a flu bug I've just finished an anti b for sinus infection but I am so tired and sleeping much more than normal. Also I'm forgetting words can't remember things and even typing this has taken ages caus I keep making mistakes. Hubby had the same flu about 3 weeks ago and he can't understand why I'm so tired.

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That's an absolute YES from me. My symptoms definitely get magnified and I get very tired. Sometimes I feel I could just drop on the spot and sleep wherever I am. I also find it seems to take longer to recover as well.

Thanks twist that's just the way I feel.

Yes - an infection is a classic trigger of a flare. I would suggest taking as much time as you can to rest and get over the infection and if your lupus symptoms don't settle, go and see your doctor.

Marley thanks I think I'll show this post to my dear hubby who keeps saying he just carried on when he had it. x

Another yes from me! I have a "simple" cold, but also now have a mouth ulcer and very achey muscles. I really wanted to stay in bed today but had so much to do at work.

copdber in reply to chrissiij

Thanks chrissij I find bonjella is very good for mouth ulcers wonder have you tried it?

And YES for me too!!!!

copdber in reply to Barnclown

Guess we are all in this together. xx


copdber in reply to chrisj

Sorry to hear so many of us are affected like this.

What I find is I can pick up a routine cold/flu type symptoms that is going around, the people around me moan and recover routinely, if it's a cold it tends to develop into a chest infection - basically what i'm saying is, bugs/viruses affect me more and usually take twice as long to recover than a 'well' person.

All of my routine SLE symptoms seem magnified at the same time too, sorry no good news but at least you can explain and understand it's not just you!

All the best.

copdber in reply to Slowmo

Thanks Slowmo, I don't want anyone else sick but it is good to know I'm not on my own or going gaga. x

Oh yes, definitely, and I work in a school so i experience it a lot. BUT - i don't seem to have cold or coughs, although most people around me do, I just get really bad lupus symptoms. My rheumatologist said that sometimes that happens with lupus. Does anyone else experience this? I just never know if I have a flu or a lupus flare. I had a teriible flare over Christmas, it lasted so long and as you say it took me ages to recover, but the GP said that apparently my blood tests look good and it does not look like lupus .

copdber in reply to Petrof

Petrof sometimes our bloods take time to catch up with what we're feeling. I've had times when I've been in a flair or what appears to be a flair and like my bloods have come back fine. No matter how long I have this illness I'll never understand it.

Petrof in reply to copdber

You and me both and all the rest of the world too.

I find the same, although my GP hasn't confirmed I have lupus.

I do have the symptoms of all the friends at the lupus group, however.

These symptoms are worse at times of suspected infection or when I know I have been in contact with someone with an infection.

Recently, I have been bleeding through the skin again and my joints have been painful; that happens at times of infections and I get to the point where I just have to lie down and rest - last night slept from 6.00pm to 8.00pm and still slept all night.

It makes sense really that if our bodies are under attack from infection, any other problems we may have will manifest in a stronger way, I would have thought.

copdber in reply to Cann

Cann I guess your right and I know that at least I'm not on my own with it.

In my experience a bad viral infection can aggravate Lupus symptoms. Generalised joint pain can be severe, the tiredness worse and takes a lot longer to shake off than a week. A week into a bad cold at moment, not been over the door or managed to wash my hair for 6 days.

Aww glasglow I had to go to the hairdressers today I just couldn't stand it any longer I manage to have a shower but no way could I manage to dry my hair.

I've recently been dealing with a "cold" which evolved into a strange trachea cough.. This first phase of symptoms took 3 weeks. Then I went to see my gp because my chest was clearly in big trouble. She diagnosed bacterial tracheitis and prescribed me antibiotics, high dose oral amoxycillin for 7 days, which hit the infection on the head but now 2 weeks later I still have a slight lingering trachea gp & I have been through this sequence before many times over the years before my SLE was finally diagnosed by physical examination & medical history alone by a very lupus experienced rheumy who said this thing of a cold virus going into a secondary bacterial infection is typical of some SLE patients.. Secondary bacterial infections happen to me lots: in my sinuses, in my jawbone, on my skin say if I get a simple bug bite etc etc. My rheumy & gp say this is mainly due to my SLE. I'm only 2 years into this SLE diagnosis and learning to understand what lupus is about. But I am perplexed by the way some drs and others claim infections are not characteristic of SLE. And for sure, whenever I get these infection, my other SLE symptoms flare: joint pain, fatigue etc etc....

Yes it really does as far as I concerned !!! It takes so much longer to get over everything and it sets it all off sle that is xxx

I know at least I have my appetite back now so hopefully I'll start to get a bit of energy.

Yes, yes, yes! I always find that this happens even if I get a simple cold. I've just recently started using Vicks First Defense nasal spray as I'm on lots of immunosuppression and it helps loads, def worth a try x

Thanks jennywren I have often thought about useing it now I'll do more than think about it I'll try it. Having said that I'm starting to feel better. It'd taken me a long time to get over this,

I'm only 5 years behind but was curious if colds & other infections could bring on a flare up. Quite often I have a low level cold for about 3 weeks it never gets really going and takes a time to finish. At the beginning of April I came back from holiday [I'd probably overdone it]. I vomited all night - well about 10 times! but the pain in my lower back and legs was like having a flare up, it was awful and lasted for 3 days, was in a stupor. Although mild vasculitis rash on legs disappeared for a day then ancient scars on left leg went red. NOW I have a cold, a real head cold - sinuses; it came on yesterday and by the time I went to bed my ribs and legs hurt, my feet were swollen and vasculitis taken an upturn. Awful night. I did over do things on Friday, physically and emotionally and thought I'd reacted mildly, aching overnight and into next day, then improving. Now it's all come on. SO it might have nothing to do with the cold but sort of feels like it does...

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