Panda Eyes -- Does anyone else suffer from black circles under the eyes ?

It doesn't seem to matter how much sleep & rest I have, they never seem to go, Is this a common thing with lupus or could it be a side effect of medication, I am currently on Hydroxychloroquin 400mg per day, prednisolone 5 mg per day 20mg methotrexate a week and 5 mg of folic acid twice a week, plus evening primrose oil. and calcium substitute and omega 3 oil daily

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I do have always had hem even befor I was ill tho so not sure if its linked.


Yes I've always had them! My ex-boyfriend thought it made me look sexy -in a kind of 'hooked on heroine' sort of way!!!!


hi lupydragon my eyes become dark when i'm having a flare. I was wondering the same thing as you too. I hate it!!!


dificult to tell if its worse when I have a flare, because every day I have joints that ache / constant tiredness, plus various other little quirks I seem to have now. my flares seem to be when the pain / swelling / redness is worse than a normal ache, but the eyes stay as black, so extra foundation if going out, though some days just don't bother



Yes I am very dark under the eyes had them for years, I've had lupus for three years. When I was first ill and in hospital and on a very high dose of steroids the darkness went, they are back now on all sorts of drugs also 10mg steroids. As Collette says I hate it to. :(


Thanks for all replies, another question to go on the list for next consultant appointment. will pass on any info if I get any


i have them every morning,nothing to do with lupus its because im lazy and dont take my eye make up off the night before :-) lol i get more worried about how puffy my eyes get with my kidney involment,at first they were terrible not just puffy, swollen,have you tried cucumber thats lovely on tired eyes or gentley tapping around your eyes and lids every morning to get the blood flowing,i use illuminating concealer thats brill x


Yup, when I need a model for a zombie photo shoot (I'm a photographer) I just use me make up free.

Uuuuugggh brraaaaains :D


Panda eyes. Fab detail. A common lupus issue.

Capillary beds inflammed thin skinned area around the eyes.

Angular pillow under head whilst sleeping can lessen puffiness/dark circles.

Arnica Gel. Lessens the inflammation thereby lessening the blood flow to the area minimizing the dark circles and minor puffiness.

Cucumber slices. If you have the time.

Caffeine. If you can tolerate tea or coffee (with caffeine) acts as a vasoconstrictor. Lessens blood flow to peripheral areas. Dehydrates too. Be careful.

If chronically dark and puffy could be a sign of liver/kidney dysfunction and/or Prednisone reaction and/or vitamin deficiency (excess B12 can cause so can depleted B12) and/or ... (so many options with lupus - ACK!)

If there is pain and/or vision issues associated with the dark circles/puffiness get to the Doctor (NeuroOpthamologist) immediately.

Optic nerve inflammation and/or brain inflammation is a MEDICAL EMERGENCY.

Blindness and/or vision loss can and does occur.

Fav solution : sunglasses. Easy peasy done did. Add a touch of lip gloss and you are fab.

Be beautiful people. Be well. On on on ...


Before being diagnosed, I blamed my dark eyes on all the trouble I used to get with my nose . These days I look like I've been punched in both eyes,it is definitly getting worse. Using Garnier Eye Foundation with Body Shop Mineral Make-up on top of that, you can still see it, but it helps. Will be trying Bare Minerals Make-up next, knickers to how much it will cost. I'm worth it.


Both my eye areas have gone a dark purple colour. I use Max Factors thick creamy make up to cover this. At £12.99 a go this works out really expensive but what is the choice? Under this I use a pale concealer. Does anyone know of anything better that works?


Hi, in answer to your question, yes I also have large dark circles or bags as I call them under my eyes, it looks as if I haven't slept for ages. No makeup seems to cover it and as I am very, very pale it makes them even more obvious.

I tend to use a stick concealer from Clinique and they have bought out a make up that covers marks, I also use that. What is good is that although the initial outlay is pricy it lasts for a long time.

Mine haven't gone purple but very very dark.

All the best and try not to worry too much, that will make them worse.


ditto....and also thin hair.


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