Numbness in the feet ??

My heel on my right foot is numb and if I point my foot up I get a sharp stabbing sensation ( like bad pins and needles) in the same region of the heel, I mentioned it to my GP who said it is because I have nerve damage in my back, but now it seems to be happening to the right hand side of my foot as well as the heel, Any one else have this problem ? Any advice welcome.Thanks

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  • I get sharp stabbing pains up my shins and in my arms. Your GP is right it is due to nerve damage. I would go back to your GP and ask for some medication to help with the nerve damage, there are tablets out there that can help.

  • Thanks Russell, it seems it's all we do is take tablets isn't it, I take enough now to sink a battle ship, Lol, Take care .

  • You have got that right..enough meds to sink a battleship haha. I think I take enough in pills to qualify as a meal.LOL

  • Hi janeway24

    I get numb toes not all of them. If I walk to far they burn also sharp pains, it's been going on for weeks not said anything to the docs feel like he might think now whats the matter, I should not feel like that because he has been great. My own fault, will say something next time I go. Take care :)

  • Are you sure it's not peripheral neuropathy related to disc probs in your back?

  • I have has numbness in my heels, feet and legs for a long time now, keep losing my balance. My doctor says it is peripheral neuropathy and apart from giving me pain killers, doesn't seem to know what to do. If you find any help a would be grateful to hear about it. Good luck.

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