Why are my feet numb?

Over the last week or so my toes on both feet and my right foot have become increasingly numb, what could this be? I saw rheumatologist today and she said let her know if it's getting worse, but it's got worse even since this morning!

I do have back problems and often sciatica but my back is fine at the moment, and it doesn't feel like the same sensation.

I had an injection of depo medrol about a month ago, and have started on hydroxychloroquine today.

Why would my feet be going numb??

Thanks x

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Sorry i should have been clearer - this started over the last week, and I only started the hydroxy today so it couldn't be that X


No antibiotics for ages, and I didn't take the hydroxy til late this afternoon. Very odd, and it's making me constantly think there's something sinister going on!


I have that too. I haven't really mentioned it to the doctor as I keep forgetting. It's been going on since last Christmas.

I think it might be peripheral neuropathy. That's what I've put mine down to. I think it's quite common with lupus but especially with Sjogrens which I also have.

Do you also get tingling? It's definitely worth getting checked out to see whats causing it. I hope you get answers. All the best



my feet get cold and numb from stress and cool weather due to lupus and raynalds disease. I have to wear 2 pair of socks on both feet. My hands always are purple and blue during cold or stressful days or cold weather seasons. My rheumatologists prescribed some medicine that supposed to keep my blood warm. It doesnt help at all. Stay strong and dont let your illness control ur life. As miserable as I sometimes feel I live my life knowing that im stronger than lupus and raynalds disease. I havent had a lupus flare up in a long time. This has been the longest ive ever went without any flareups. But my raynalds never gets better. Take life one day at a time. Praying for you and here when you need to talk


Nerve damage can also cause that. After my diagnosis 4yrs ago i noticed my feet didn't feel right. It felt weird and cold. The first steps in the morning are painful but when raised the feel dried out. I had some test done i they found out i had neuropathy some sort of nerve damage. I have to take 50mg amytriptilyn at night andd 300mg gabapentin 3times a day. Call ur gp or consultant so that u could be sent 4 a test. Take care and God bless.

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Hi hope you don't mind me asking but what test revealed the neuropathy? That's what I think I have but they said the blood results were normal and therefore they aren't worried. What were the nerve tests you had? Thanks!


I think it was called nerve conducting test. The place some wire on ur leg and use a machine that feels like an electric shock or an unplesant sting like sensation. I hope this helps.

Take care and God bless.



Hi Lucky;

I have some what if the same issue. I have lupus (SLE) COPD, & malignant hypertension. On my right foot, I also had a rash/blister that damage the skin. I have to go barefoot, because shoes, flip flop sandals, will rub the skin raw and it will start to bleed in a few minutes. I have not been able to wear shoes for over 2 years now.

I also have the numbness in my 3 middle toes, I have had test after test done. My neurologist has found there is nerve damage but, they can find no reaso why?

They have finally come to a conclusion that it can only be lupus related?

I had MRI's and cat scans and even the sticking of needles in my feet with electrical current to sensors.

I hope you find answers!

Wishing you the Best!



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This is something many of us experience, as you know from these replies. During the v first stages of the diagnostic & treatment process, a thorough consultant will carry out a series of "baseline" tests in order to identify the basic current condition of several systems: nerves, heart, lungs, FBC & immunologic blood tests etc. + organise tests of any other system that raises concern

These baseline results act as a refernce point, giving us something to compare future test results against...showing up deviations which may need closer investigation. I'd tell your rheumatologist you'd like baseline nerve conduction tests

Numbness that comes on "suddenly & severely" must, I think, always be urgently flagged up to your GP, and if the GP doesn't react & you're still concerned: I'd think about going to A&E pronto. Certainly your gradually increasing numbness needs to be flagged up to both your GP & rheumatologist. And they should be able to give you some idea what could be causing your numbness, how to monitor it, and investigate it if necessary...+ manage & treat it...even if only in terms of lifestyle techniques

I'm 62, have infant onset lupus, ehlers danlos syndrome, primary immunodeficiency + sjogrens, raynauds, erythromelalgia & a bunch of other typical secondaries. I've been living with significant peripheral neuropathy numbness in my head, hands & feet for many decades. I've learned to cope & compensate. My understanding is that my version of numbness is due to cumulative damage to my neurological & vascular systems caused by combined inflammatory process due to my combo of immune dysfunction & connective tissue disorders going untreated until my prescriptions for appropriate systemic antiinflammatoried & immunosuppressants began 5 years ago. However, even though my meds are helping, my peripheral numbness remains: sometimes it's more severe, sometimes it's less so, but it never disappears entirely and does seem to be getting progressively worse.

Hope something in there is useful to you

🍀🍀🍀🍀 coco


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