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Feet!!!! Ouch!!!!

Hey everyone

Hope you're all ok. Just wanted to ask a few questions. I still haven't had a formal lupus diagnosis but it is 'at the back of the consultants mind'!

Firstly, nausea. No vomiting, no stomach upset or anything like that. Just plain old nausea. I've been back at work for the past few weeks on half days :) but I work in a ridiculously hot office in Birmingham city centre. My walk to work isn't the most pleasant (full of horrible sights and smells) and by the time I get to work I find I'm desperately trying to find somewhere cool and nice to sit (there isn't really anywhere). And I struggle to even speak for a bit which is quite difficult at work. Is this normal and could it be lupus related? I've also been having blood in my urine and am having a kidney ultrasound tomorrow. Guess if my kidneys aren't right that could cause it?

The second thing... Feet! I've noticed my feet hurt a lot more than normal for the past few months. Walking short distances makes me feel like I've walked round somewhere all day. But yesterday the pain in my right foot made me actually hobble a bit, this morning was the same and the pain has turned from a dull ache to a slight shooting pain in my right heel. I'm at home now but can barely even move around my flat! Bit worrying. Any thoughts? I'm going to email my consultant just to point out all of this to him.

Despite all of this, I'm still managing to remain mentally upbeat :-/

Lots of love to you all x

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Hey Nat :) I haven't suffered with nausea, neither have I come across anyone with SLE who has (so far) unless drug-induced. However, foot pain is common and I can readily identify with what you describe. I wish you good results for the kidney scans. Try not to worry until you have a proper diagnosis and do, please, let us know the result. Hugs x


Hi....I have SLE and also APS/Hughes syndrome and i suffer from nausea quite a lot it seems in my case the nausea starts before a flair, i also suffer really badly with my joints mainly shoulders, hands and wrist but I also get occasions when my feet really burn and ache and i find walking difficult luckily this does not last too long.

I am also suffering with blood and protien in my urine and i am currently awaiting a referral to a nephrologist to check my kidney maybe it could be kidney related


Thank you both. What a horrible illness this is isn't it? I get sooooo frustrated by it!! I had to come home from work after only 30 mins yesterday because I felt so sick. Our office has no natural air, only air con, and it's set way too hot! It wasn't just me complaining either, everybody has been complaining about the heat.

But what annoys me is I was talking to my friend yesterday about it, saying how I feel sick all the time and hot etc, and she said oh it's probably just anxiety. I'm definitely feeling a little anxious naturally, who wouldn't in this situation, but I don't think it is that that's causing crippling nausea! It turned into a bit of a patronising situation about how she used to have anxiety and feel sick and hot but that at the time she couldn't spot it / admit it. Sort of making out I'm just a bit stressed but in denial! Aaaaargh drives me mad!!!

I have spotted blood in my urine a couple of times and both times it has also shown up on the dipstick thing and on one of the occasions there was protein and also floating bits that the gp said could be antibodies? But when the lab tested it they just said it was normal! Errrrm!

But anyway I have an ultrasound today so hopefully that'll go some way to resolving it.


Air con makes me feel ill too Nat - not nauseated particularly but very achey - and it's not good for those with a rheumatoid disease to become overly-hot. With SLE and some other diseases one's inner thermostat apparently works at a much slower rate and extreme temp's are more difficult for our bodies to cope with. I'd suggest a change of job to somewhere you can breathe fresh air but realise it's probably not practical ATM. What about taking an electric fan into work to have on your desk? Might keep you a little more comfortable. Another matter of which you should be aware if you do have SLE is flourescent lighting can cause flairs and is best avoided altogether. I'm betting your office also has that. Meanwhile, make sure you drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated. x


my feet hurt -especially my ankles and the tops of my feet


Thank you for all the advice :) I had my kidney ultrasound and she said there were no signs of stones. And I already know its not an infection. Still got slight abdominal pain though and I'm sure that it's not normal to have blood in your urine. Have emailed my consultant so I'll leave him to decide if anything else needs to be done I guess.


I can so relate to your feet pain Nat.

Diagnosed with SLE/APS, 2 years ago, and painful feet has nearly always been an issue for me. What I have found helps, is one of those foot spa's, it will not take away all the pain, but whilst your feet are being pampered, it is very very relaxing. Worth a shot.


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