Home alone !!!

being alone has never bothered me in fact I love it normally.hubby away to work ,even though we're seperated for 21 months we share a house.I'd normally be in my element now but I'm so scared,I almost asked him not to go(he would've laughed at me)is this a side affect from amitriptyline cos only been on out 2 nights so seems unlikely so wtf is going on


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11 Replies

  • So sorry you feel this way :(

    I have not taken amitriptyline personally so I don't know if it is a side effect, but I do know from experience that some drugs take time for your body to adjust to taking. Could you ring your GP and ask them if it is a side effect and if so what you should do about it. So important in these situations to seek medical advice. That is what I would do anyway. I would not recommend that you stop taking them without seeking advice, even though you have been on them for such a short time.

    Feeling scared is natural however, I know that you have not been diagnosed with Lupus, and I really hope that you are not, but any illness is scary, and trying to do it on your own is even harder. Being on your own when you are in pain, uncomfortable and anxious is no fun. Again I can only speak from my experience, I was on my own in the early days, and I really do wish I had a site like this to get peoples opinions, chat and share experiences. Also spending time with family/friends is so important, support groups and means of not being so isolated.

    Hope you are feeling a little calmer now, feel free to pm me if you wish *hugs* xx

  • I take amitriptyline and cant say it has made me feel like that. However, since falling ill some 18 months ago I have had anxiety that has gradually got worse and this can make me scared to be alone at times. Do you think maybe it could be anxiety? Xxx

  • I-m not an anxious person but it could be Saturday night was a bad night was so close to phonning emergency doc/hospital Maybe playing on my ,mInd as don't know neighbours,only lived here 3 mnths.last night not particularly bad night but not good so you could be right megs just need to get a grip try x

  • I know the feeling, I think it comes as a result of the unpredictability of this illness, I used to feel really out of control of my body and that anything could happen to me and I'd be home on my own, with no one to take me to hospital. I still fear that but now that I've been through all the tests and I have began to recognise flare symptoms, I take preventative steps to avoid any surprises. Of course, anything can happen but I'm now trying to put it all into perspective.

  • Ty purple top I know your right, once I get diagnosed and know what I'm dealing with will feel more in control(hopefully) x

  • I am seeing my rheumi tomorrow as an emergency but its a 6 week wait for neurologist, GP pushed for neurologist as I have obvious nerve damage, quite severe but not diagnoses yet, I have been very teary and scared, started with pins and needles in lower abdomen last night and its strarted again today putting pressure on bladder, when do you decide enough is enough and go to accident and emergency, I really dont know

  • Hi wall 1409 I agree with you when do you know it's time to call emergency services.this pins/needles sensation you get I get on my face is this a sign of nerve system being damaged? X

  • I get a pain like walking through neetles then electic shocks, I cant judge water temperature so If I run a bath and check it with my hands it feels warm but when I step in its scalding, a hot cup of tea feels luke warm, it started about 3 weeks ago but has worsened since last Thursday when it is believed I may have suffered a TIA

  • Don't know what tla is but nettles feeling I get and e/s (electric shock).had nettles feeling up my bum while going to toilet and pain only way I could describe it.x

  • Its a mini stroke, GP is classing it as peripheal nerve damage, but there is usually an underlying cause so hence I need to see a neurologist asap but hopefully my rheumatologist I see tomorrow will fast track me anyway

  • I hope it goes well for you tomorrow.I have my 1st app with rhuemy in April hoping/praying I don't have lupus as even tho I admire you all for coping with the horrendous conditions this unrelentless illness bestows upon you I don't want it.good luck tomorrow xx

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