Going home

Going home tonight getting train at 7:45 pm .

Been staying at my aunties . Sleeping in her spare single bed . At home I have a double bed . I must say I have slept better here. In the morning my feet ain't hurting. I don't if it's because her whole bungalow has carpet and room we don't in all rooms . Or if because the bed in smaller . She also let me use a memory foam neck pillow . It was so good .

Her partner has cerable palsy . So they have their bungalow adapted for it . They have higher toilet seat and a stand up shower no bath . It was so much better for me

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  • You do know that you can get a raised toilet seat to use at home from Occupational Health at the hospital? And it is possible to get grants if you can show you can't manage to use a bath on your own. Not sure what the difference is between own home/renting and I'm not asking which your family does - but it is worth enquiring.

  • Where would I enquirer

  • I assume Occupational Health would know, or the Citizen's Advice Bureau. If you rent from a housing association then they should be able to tell you. Otherwise can't help - but if you put a shout out on the forum then someone else may be able to help.

  • Ok thank you.

    My mum thinks the council would not put in a wash room anyway. She said they will probably say i am not bad that yet , despite the struggles i am currently having. She is going to inquire with the council soon.

  • I have a friend who got a walk-in shower - and she had a condition that is often considered short term and well managed with pred (It isn't always, but that's another story!). You can only ask - and they can only say no, not now. But they may say yes.

  • My mums going to ring up one they next week . It's just if I had one I can wash properly more than once a week . I am able to wash my own hair . I'm only 16 and it's nice having to have my mum wash my hair for me. It would give be back some independence - Not a lot but enough to keep me happy .

  • Just make sure they are aware how limited your ability is - the lady I was talking about was told it was perfectly right she should be able to shower properly daily - not just once a week or have strip washes. Dignity is important.

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