I'm so sad and depressed I can't anymore, no one understands I'm making mistakes at work got written up at work for the first time ever in my life seems no one likes the pictures I take , I can't function and I'm tired of everything hurting... I can't anymore I'm so exhausted everyday and I can't look pretty anymore... Have no support system and my family don't understand what I'm going thru and coworker avoid me cause all I do is complain and I look tired


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  • You are not alone. I understand 100% of how and what you are feeling. Sometimes I wish there was a special wand to say "here this is how I feel" and thrn ppl just feel what I feel. *hugs* feel better

  • Hi, be kind to yourself. Yes it's frustrating that your body/mind is changing but think about what you need to adapt to your new self. Sadly you may not get the support you'd like from family & friends esp. If they don't understand or try to. The only person who can make yourself stable is you. After 5 yrs of constant life changing illness, I've been in the same state of mind as you. The frustration was overwhelming at times, esp when I used to be so active & now I'm just mentally/physically drained most of the time. Counselling has helped me to express my fears, concerns, life issues. Is it your lifestyle or your health that is causing you to feel sad/depressed? Why? How? What can you do about it to improve your life? When are you going to do this? For the mind, body & spirit to be in balance, each needs to be fed with nutrition that will serve, not destroy either. With time, I pray you can empower yourself & adapt to living with Lupus or whatever autoimmune diseases you are living with, pls don't allow this to enslave you. Do you need to simplify your life? Less hrs at work? A new job? Therapy? Regular exercise? Change in diet to foods that energise?

    It's ok to have down days but better to understand why so you can be enlightened to find solutions & make changes.

    Love & light x

  • Hey, don't you feel so down! You are a hero for dealing with everything and you look like you are pretty but when you aren't well we can't see that.

    Take a shower, get made up and you will be just as pretty as ever!

  • Hi Mealfredo78,

    I'm sorry to hear that you are struggling so much at the moment. Have you spoken with your GP about your low mood? If you haven't, I would recommend talking with them to see what additional support they can offer, whether it is medication or a referral for counselling/psychotherapy.

    We have more information about support services that are available in our leaflet, 'Lupus and Depression' at

    Are your employers aware of your lupus and the difficulty you are experiencing at the moment? Have you had an occupational health assessment to see if there are any adjustments they could make which would make it easier for you to manage in your role?

  • So glad you have turned to this community and voiced your thoughts. We all understand exactly how u feel.please go and see your doctor as I think you may be suffering from depression which can hapoen wen u r constantly battling to do normal basic tasks.don't suffer in silence.

  • Hi,

    It sounds like you are at a low ebb and I know how your feeling, everything feels like an effort and you just can't do things anymore that you would like to.

    If I was you I would go to the doctors and if you've got a demanding job or not, just ask them if they could sign you off for a couple of weeks, just so you can rest and relax as that is what your body is crying out for.

    You then might feel recharged and ready for action again. But you need to do what your body is telling you to do. Especially with this illness and if you've got other things going on as well, you can't split yourself into separate pieces to please everybody.

    Good luck and I hope this helps.


  • As above your enemy is lupus not the rest of the world,there must be one thing in this big old world that makes you smile,find it and use that, I have a box under my kitchen sink full of old crockery at my worst I take one out and smash it, I always feel better.

    Go to your GP get some help DONT LET LUPUS WIN

    Your in my thought pretty girl x

  • Been there I have been on disability for almost 2 years and so far I don't feel any better

  • That's where it looks like I may be headed cause it's affecting my job and they don't understand and don't care... But I'm afraid that disability won't pay enough and or how I do I even start the process and who starts it for me?

  • Sorry to hear how difficult this is for you. I think we all have been there and you will find this site helps where others don't. My first suggestion is go to your Doctor and tell him how you are doing. This I'm sure has been a repeated note in your thread. I had little support when diagnosed at 20 years old and none of my friends understood but it just takes that one person to make a difference for you. My exhaustion passed after 5 years and I can't remember the last time I had an afternoon snooze. You could go two ways, you could let the illness own you or you can own the illness. Sure we all have bad days but my good days are greater and I've had SLE for 34 years now. I'm slowing down now but so are others who are my age without an illness. Only you can make that decision. Take a sick leave if you can and work on yourself then come back and prove them wrong. :) Hugs.

  • Most people don't understand and don't want to take the time to understand. God Bless, Teresa

  • Sorry to hear you are going through such a bad time, and hope everything will soon come right for you, reading these blogs you know you are not alone, hang in there and be strong. I just want to say I know a lot of good people who work for the Samaritans and they are not just there for emergencies they are there for anyone who is feeling low and just wants someone to talk too, so maybe pick up the phone and have a chat. I also do voluntary work as a befriender and a lot of people I meet often ring them once, twice a day just to talk it's no problem whatever gets you through and helps is good right.

    Take care of yourself things will get better. Sending you a hug.


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