yeast and Sjogren's

Does anyone suffer from chronic vaginal yeast infections? I've had one for two months since returning from a vacation of swimming. I first used over the counter stuff then went to the primary and got a pill and cream. I got better for a bit but it came back. primary gave me a second pill about a week later and that didn't work either. I developed the Sjogren's mouth sores and a few spots of yeast a few days ago so Friday they gave me a 7 day pill treatment and they said that should take care of it. Doc said my immune system is down so it's not fighting it off as it should. I also wonder if the Plaquenil is interfering with my immune fighting the fungus. Does anyone have this problem and can suggest remedy?


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12 Replies

  • I had the mouth probelm a few months ago and it took weeks to clear , my immune system was low after rituximab. I think gargling with cider vinegar , salt and warm water helped , also eating pineapple can help clear the tongue. I used a variety of gels and drops which were not very effective. I hope you clear up soon🌻

  • thanks for the advice! What does rituximab do? I've seen many post on it but not sure why it's used.

  • Its a biological treatment, it removes the B-cells which produce harmful autoantibodies which attack he bodys own tissues. Its usually given if anti inflammatorys and hydroxychoroquine hasnt worked. It has helped but i think i have to get another infusion but my rheumy app has now been put back another 2 mths😩

  • I'm sorry your apt was pushed back. How often can they do the treatments? Do they last a while? That stuff scares me! The Plaquenil scared me when I was first diagnosed because I'm afraid of all meds side effects and my rheumy told me she had some patients taking meds that would send me running away screaming so Plaquenil wasn't so bad. :)

  • The plaquenil did help a bit but was still in severe pain so had rituximab infusion on april with the second dose 2 weeks later if it has an effect it can be carried out again in about 6 mths. It is heavy stuff but i was will to try anything to get a bit of my life back🙂

  • I totally understand that. I hope you can repeat it in 2 months and feel better! :)

  • Thank you🌻🌻

  • Someone on another forum has just had to stop her prednisolone for a few weeks because the doctors thought that was what was stopping the antifungals working. Maybe the docs aren't expecting the lack of immune system response to make such a difference?

    Many people swear by using yoghurt topically for fungal infections - every little helps...

  • Not using shower gel or soap - just water, avoiding yeasty foods such as bread, holding off sugar and wearing cotton pants or none (letting air get to your nether regions when at home!) along with over the counter meds have finally helped me get shot of heavy duty yeast infection/ vaginal thrush and also seen off my burning mouth. I blame my Sjogren's and the vagifem/ topical HRT pessaries) I am taking for dryness/ scarring/atrophy- as it has pushed me the other way. Also I started taking a positive bacteria - Acidophilus plus - daily with food. Maybe this has helped too.

  • yeah I thought maybe I should give up my morning soda and choc muffin. I sure hate to though. :) Thanks for the advice! I appreciate it.

  • thanks for the advice. it can't hurt to try. I'll talk to my dr about holding my meds for a few days too.

  • Well when my youngest had gotten a thrush an yeast infection I fed them raw cold organic first press coconut oil an applied it topically dwn there an in jst a few days it cleared up an never again has any of my 5 children before or after ever had an problems I my self when I get irritated dwn there apply an eat an in a few days all cleared up :D hope this helped someone.

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