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Fed up!

Up to a couple of months ago i was really enjoying my job and now i dont want to be there. Cant seem to get myself back to where i was. They have reduced my hours for the next few weeks because im just so tired, numbness in hands, dizzy spells, memory loss and balance problems. Been for 2 brain scans last week to try and find out whats wrong. Consultant says try not to worry, haha, not easy. Everytime im in work i feel like crying cause i,ve had enough. I dont know if i'm really not happy there or its the Lupus messing with my head. Maybe i should step down from my job and just go back to a less responsibility. Would make my life easier, but financially it wont. Trying to wait until my hospital appt and hopefully get some answers to whats going on. People dont understand, they think i just dont want to work anymore. Have to win the lottery first.

Sorry for the rant x

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First of all Scooby, I would say u need some time out 2 relax & work things out. I think maybe everything's just getting on top of u at the minute as u feel like s****, there's all this confusion & they last thing u need is 2 end up having an accident at work or making a mistake due 2 how u're feeling, especially as u're having dizzy spells. Sending u big hugs x


(((hugs))) I can totally understand I have felt the same. I would say don't make a desicion while you are feeling like this, take some time, see if reduced hours help, if it's really bad and you are struggling you might need a complete rest, don't be afraid to go off sick. I know I have a job that I absolutely love but sometimes when I am poorly, really poorly I feel the way you do, hopefully thing will get better. But look after you. How long till your hospital appointment? xx


Hi flutterby,

Consultant phoned today and said there was nothing on the mri, which is good, but she has still to get ct results plus ive to see a neurologist. Have got an appt witb her in 2 weeks time. The only thing at the moment is my wbc is lower than last time so she wants me in on mon to test it again incase its any lower.

Thanks for ur reply trying to take it easy. I wouldnt normally take time off when im sick but thinking maybe i should, before i crack. Working the weekend so might see how i feel and maybe get doc appt on mon.

Thanks again x


Hoope your weekend working is ok. I am not always good at following my own good advice (!) but I really do think that stopping before you crack is better than having to stop because you've cracked! Best of luck with tests and take care x


Hi Scooby, it's so hard when you are trying to soldier on whilst you feel rubbish. I remember trying to hide it when I had crashing fatigue at work as it was hard to explain that to people. I hope you are able to get some time off sorted and that it is not too long until your hospital appointment. xx


Hi, I have been in a similar situation and I soldiered on but wish I hadn't - I crashed and burned in a spectacular way. I began with memory problems, slowed down, difficulty to communicate, focus etc, eventually it overwhelmed me and I am now on a warning and waiting for my hearing. On the plus side, being off work has really helped me to put a distance on things and work out what is really important (family/health). I am in a much more positive frame of mind and am feeling more lucid and capable. Have the same hateful symptoms but are not letting them overwhelm me. Now I've just got to deal with the hearing and the financial problems that not working have given me. Take care of yourself. x


Lots of love out to you. I had a similar situation, and couldn't cope with people thinking I was just lazy and depressed. I ended up having a panic attack and making myself worse and then quit my job.

I didn't enjoy my work, so I made the right decision for me.

I think you should do what ever feels comfortable for you. Don't force or push your self you're feeling particularly ill. Maybe go off sick until your appointment? Decide what you enjoyed about the job and if you can get your self back to "that place".

Good luck with your appointment. Hope you feel better and get some answers soon!XXX


Hi sle15,

Have phoned in sick today, just dont want to be there. Was a docs yesterday to try and get fit note, saw different doc, no joy. She sent more time banging on about me not having a smear test for years. Felt like crying when i left. All she said was cant really treat you until rhremy sees me next week and sends results. Only ever had 1 sick line in 22 yrs. Just going to take it easy today, read a book, watch some tv.


Take care x


You should take time for your self. Unfortunately, most Doctors are like everybody else- they don't have a clue unless they're a loopy too!

Hope you're taking it easy on yourself.

Take Care.xxxx


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