i feel like someone has punched me in the mouth

don't know if connected but in november it was like my mouth was shedding skin i was picking it out between my teeth.begining of december thought a cold sore was starting so was treating with cream.it wasn't cos i noticed slight discolouration of lips (pale purplish)only on left side top and bottom lips,wheni looked inside lowerlip was a red line looks like little red blisters.never bothered me until now feels like someone has punched on mouth gums have been playing up a bit too.any thoughts on what it could be feels lumpy and slighty swollen inside mouth

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  • All I can say to help is a) phone your Lupus clinic to see if they can offer sdvice and b) get an appointment at your dentist asap, they will probably refer you on straight away. Good Luck.

  • i havn't been got lupus clinic i'm waiting to hear about 1st app.can't afford to go to dentist.is there a mouth wash that might help ?

  • sorry i havn't been diagnosed with anything yet

  • Try using an antiseptic mouthwash hun. Thats all dentist told me to use. But if you can try and get a check up from dentist if you can hun to get it looked at then they can advise better. I have the same problem. Comes and goes. Skin just peels off the inside of my mouth. Blisters popping up. The inside of my bottom lip is all red and veiny, has been like that for some time now and it feels all bumpy when I run my tongue over it. Ive just learnt to live with it I guess. Try the mouthwash though see if that helps hun xxx

  • I have skin peel from inside my mouth and a sore roof, is this to do with lupus then?

  • don't know but my roof sensitive to hot things also nose didn't feel right that's why i decided to go to docs he hd alook and asked if i'd been having nose bleeds which i havn't.very strange.

  • ty megs went to doctors again.he was bemused and actually noticed i have same thing under tongue only bigger i never noticed as don't go looking for problems only deal with what i feel. he took pics on his phone to show me and think he sent to rhuemy as he has been monitoring my symptoms so rhuemy has clear picture.been using mouth wash x

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