So fatigued,I feel like I'm being held down with weights!!

I woke up this morning feeling like I was held down with weights it took me 2-3 hours to get out the bed . But last night was brutal .. Both knees red, hot and just aching.. Extremely sensitive to light.. I've been wearing my shades inside also. My vision seems to be worsening and toes, ankles are really painful... Sharp stabbing Chest pain when I lie down I have to sleep sitting up, I can't focus, this fatigue is so overwhelming I had an anxiety attack simply because I felt so heavy like someone was sitting on me I eventually hyperventilated and violently rolled out the bed and hit the floor in pain and still had no energy to get off the floor!!! And Disability wants to know how I'm being affected!!!!! Sorry for the rant guys!!! Just really really depressed and tired ....

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  • Hi Winterbaby, reads like you're having a flare-up. Hope you recover soon. With all your symptoms, probs best to see your GP or Rheumy (when you have the strength). At this point, I hope if they help control it now that your body won't have further spasms or take on form of other condition. This is not the end! Hope you feel better soon. Peace & love to you x

  • Hi Winterbaby, If you have a Rheumy nurse get in touch and let them know how you are feeling. If not get in touch with your GP or Rheumy's secretary.

  • I have suffered exactly the same symptoms. You really need to inform your GP or specialist as soon as you are able or get someone to do it for you. There is no need to suffer as you are. x

  • I agree with all above. Get help now. There might not be readable lab changes with this flare up but you never know and drs love tangible results. X

  • Hi dear i also support everybodies opinion. U need to see ur gp call up and book an urgent appointment if u cant get one asap ask 4 a telephone appointment, if both dnt work go to a&e but i pray u get an appointment asap and get checked out.

  • I too Winterbaby had the same thing on Saturday after noon, i went to town in the morning and when i got home my legs felt like lead balloons and most of the night my ankles knee's and shouler hurt and ached my knees felt like hot pokers and when i got up in the morning my chest hurt all across this lasted three days, that's the first time i have experienced this. i am seeing my cons tomorrow so i am going to tell him.

    i hope that you feel better soon Winterbaby x

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