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Just want to say Thankyou to everyone here

i was diagnosed sep this year i found it very hard to undertand how i was feeling let alone the illness i just want to say a huge thankyou to everyone on this site you all make life so much easier

if your happy or sad lost or alone good day or bad there is always someone with an encouraging word or too for you.. even if you want to rant and vent how cruel life with this illness is there is always someone who will listen to you and not judge also any questions asked are answered by people who have first hand experience of dealing with it a huge thankyou to everyone on here that takes their time out to help others and try to make them feel better it means so much i know its helped me loads

with much appreciation and thanks

helen xx

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Very well said Helen. I think there is a fantastic community here that is so friendly and supportive. I'm glad that you are finding the site so beneficial.


Helen, its so lovely to think we are all here to help each other - it doesn't matter how long since being diagnosed, we can still be so supportive.

Our walks along the lupus path have their ups and downs and it is great to know there are listening ears and helping hands that really understand.

I second that that thank you to everyone that makes this site such a valuable resource. :D

Yols x


Fairly new to this myself but,it has been so nice to know there are other people out there who really do understand what you are going through.Really glad for you.


Keep well Helen and i hope you will keep in touch

Love & Sunshine


I totally agree this is a wonderful site to meet people with the same problems who actually understand what we're all going through. Hope your well. x


how very true!!!

i imagine we have all felt pissed off, sad, alone, helpless, angry and every other emotion in between since we were all first diagnosed, i know I have and still do sometimes so, yes, it is so incredibly beneficial to have somewhere to go and someone and sometimes even many others, who understand and can show empathy.

It is helping me greatly and long may it last......equally i hope to be able to make the path a little easier for at least one other person on the same path.

have a wonderful day my new found friends xxx


Hi, Im newly diagnosed too. Sounds like you have had loads of help on here.I too am struggling a bit with stuff..Still a bit stunned from being diagnosed, it was only a month ago for me. You sound quite happy and your log has cheered me up a bit.I look forward to feeling bit better about all this too.x


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