dry mouth is a real problem

yet a nother trip to my gp with dry mouth and blister's on my tounge..thay have gave me " Biotene " which has helped she said it wont take it all away but will carm the fire and dry mouth as like many we dont have enough slava to keep things away.....hope this might be helpfull if you also suffer with dry mouth syndrome..but no advice with the raging thirst and fever well its cheaper me being the centrel heating im bioling hot and carn't cool down wishes to you all x

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I was having problems with a dry mouth and sore tongue but I have changed to a non alcohol mouth wash, cut out citric drinks/ foods after looking up burning mouth syndrome on the internet and this has really helped. Still get a dry mouth but at least I dont feel like hanging my tongue out of my mouth now lol! As for the heat - still glowing nicely and still in summer tops. Hope it gets better soon.


Sorry to hear about your situation. I also want to push yourself and see if you can go to the dentist and check out your cavity situation as well - apparently dry mouth is a HUGE factor in acquiring cavities! :( (Sad experience.) I just drink a lot of water throughout the day and try to stay hydrated, but there has been no true source of remedy for me.


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