Kidney involvement - Any advice appreciated!

I was diagnosed with Lupus In September 2010. I have had severe pain in my kidneys and lower back for 4 days, and also all over joint pain for 3 days.

The doctors have had a urine sample on monday, although i didn't see the doctor, just the receptionist. Its wednesday now. I'm in so much pain, I can't get out of bed. I feel so useless!

I've rang the surgery this morning and my test results are still not back, they told me to ring tomorrow.

Ive not had pain in my kidneys before, I'm worried that leaving it so long is just making it worse. Does anybody else have kidney involvement?

I'm just looking for advice, to stop me worrying unnessasaraly.

I believe it's my medication that makes me worry so much. Any advice will be appreciated. : (

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Maybe you should go to a&e if the pain is really bad, don't risk it. X


Sorry to hear you are in pain and hope you are getting some relief by now. I have had trouble with kidney stones in the past and am at present waiting to go in and get some removed and they think this is due to long term on some of the meds. (13 years). Have been told to drink plenty (not alcohol or fizzy drinks) and try and stick to as fat free diet as possible (just like someone with liver damage has to do). Mostly I don't have too much trouble with them but I can sympathise when they do start giving trouble!!!

Take care - Irene x


Yes I think you should maybe go to A&E, it's a long time to wait whilst in pain. Just tell A&E you've phoned your GP but can't wait in pain. You've no idea whats happening so it's better to be safe, especially with your condition.

If you don't want to go to A&E why not phone NHS Direct, they'll advise you what to do.

Take care



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