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Occasional vibration type feeling in brain


Got such great responses to my left leg problem that I thought I would ask about another issue that has emerged and that is a very short, yet noticeable sensation in my head, it doesn't make me feel dizzy, more like I am having a mini electric shock in my head. It doesn't even hurt, just brings me up short. All these small things that happen are so hard to discuss with your consultant when time is of the essence ...

Any thoughts would be gratefully received


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Hi, I dont know if this makes any sense. I get what I call head rattling, usually in the mornings if I am run down, it feels like someone is shaking my head and my brain is shaking inside my skull. It's the most awful feeling....


Not sure this is the same, but I get a kind of 'ping' in my brain, but this is usually accompanied by dizziness/vertigo and it feels like my brain is kind of 'fizzy'...and once my left side went numb for a few seconds then went back to normal.


Hi, I feel like some water is dribbling inside my head and a funny sensation at the back if my head. My left arm and leg go numb and get confused later on. I am not sure what this is but my Rheumy said its nothing to worry about. Take care.


You must ask your Rheumy or Doctor the next visit.Lupus can affect the brain although most of us go around in what we have called a Lupus fog.


I think I know what you mean....I joke and say I feel like I've been shot...a sharp pain in your head anywhere that often makes me pull up quickly and stop....I often need to just stop and sit as it makes me gasp. No idea what causes it I just add it to the long list of other twinges/aches etc


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