I gave in and went to the docs today as I can't stand the pain in my ribs any longer. I saw the same G.P who I saw the last time I went to the docs 6mnths ago. Back then I told her a long list of symptoms of how I was feeling and she reminded me I only had a ten minute appointment, she couldn't possibly discuss all of the symptoms in ten minutes so what had I actually come to the surgery for?..........erm.....the long list of symptoms you stupid mare!

Today I told her that I've been in pain for months and months with my neck/spine and other joints, but for the last five weeks I have been putting up with horrid pain in my ribs. She said to me: "If you have had it for five weeks, why have you come to the surgery today?"

WHAT?!!! How long does she want me to have it before I take up her valuable time with an appointment?!!!! She then said, "Ribs don't have pain sensations so it can't be your ribs. So what is hurting you then?"...........erm.....my bloody ribs you stupid cow!

I said, "I'm not being funny, but I'm not a doctor, i don't know if ribs can actually hurt or not, but my ribs is where I'm feeling the pain! She then told me nobody had ever walked into her surgery before complaining of this! She told me she didn't know what was wrong with me and prescribed a pain killer slash sedative slash antidepressant (but she stressed thats not what she was prescribing it for!) So it's official I'm NEVER going to the doctors again!

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  • OMG. Is she actually qualified to be a doctor? I've never heard anything so stupid and rude to come off a doctor. You poor thing. I would have blown my lid if she spoke to me like that the daft mare. You need to go see someone else. Hope you feel better soon. Claire bear x

  • She's got me steaming!!! As if we don't have enough to put up with every day of our lives, and 'put up with it' I do! The fact that the last time I went to the docs was 6months ago despite being in constant pain etc she can see I'm not a regular 'time waster!' I feel very, very let down. The reason it's taken me five weeks to go, is because she made me feel so stupid the last time I went, I vowed never to go back to the G.P any more, now I'm definitely not! Why are they there if we can't go when we need them?

  • A lot of our Doctors, world wide unfortunately, have forgotten why they went into medicine ! Or did they even go into it for the right reasons-or was it the bucks ? It is really shocking and I can understand how let down you feel. As Tarissa suggests Change your Doctor ! Do IT ! xxxx

  • A thought ! Do you live in the UK ? Why not give PALS a call-they are there for that reason-they have an amazing complaints department ! We shouldn't have to be subject to such disgusting treatment !

  • bloody hell, change your doctor !!! xxx

  • I get pain around the base of my ribs and i've heard others say the same. It could of coarse be the muscles causing pain rather than the ribs. Doctors don't really know all the ways that lupus affects us.

  • Poor you this really has to stop. I don't go to my doctors very often for exactly the same reason and have been told I only have a ten minute appointment so can't discuss everything I need to say. I went in feb last because of constant infection chest and urine and happen to mention I had no feeling in my left arm to then for then to take notice because I had had another mini stroke. I should have gone earlier but just can't take the negative attitude. I was asked to come in last Friday finally giving me a statin that works and not the cheap one. So I thought take this opportunity to say line you feeling really rubbish for a few weeks and pain in my ribs could she check my chest. She did no problem and said lots of people are feeling off at the moment I just left couldn't be bothered. Monday I had a phone call from rheumatogy clinic to say my bloods are showing activity. I rest my case. Good luck change your doctor but do research on the new doctor first. Hope you pain gets a little better. Xx

  • Hi I have lupus and often have terrible pain in my ribs. I was told by a consultant it is costocondritis (hope that is the right spelling) and that lupus patients get it a lot.

    Some docs can be really hurtful at times I think because they don't know what to do they just do nothing. Xx

  • CHANGE DOCTOR - now!!!!!

    Appauling approach by someone who is our first port of call with a problem. I would also complain to the practice manager - they too need to know her bedside manner.!!!


  • Oh poor you. That disgusting. I would simply request to see a different .gp. my surgery are amazing and they have seen me at my lowest. My notes even flash up I have lupus. I would deffo complain. We did with a .gp that told me I was being neurotic over my son and the next day he was rushed into hospital and then spent aeweek in. She is no longer a .gp in out surgery. Good luck with everything. J x

  • Thanks everyone. It's made me feel better just having a good old moan about it on here, but I think I will complain about her!

  • I can't believe you chose to stay in pain rather than see a doctor. Even if you have a negative experience, you should persevere, go to a&e, check another doctor in that surgery, camp outside the hospital, anything but avoid being seen. Your health is the most important thing! I do understand the frustration, it took my gp 2 years of symptoms and my badgering him for a referral before he agreed to send me to rheumatologist and even then he was trying to put me on antidepressants. Just don't let patronising people get to you, they are supposed to be there to help you, whether in 10mins or half hour or however long it takes, what is the doctor going to do, push you out of the door? Better still, make 3 consecutive appointments so you can have half hour, if everything fails. Next time a doctor tells you they never seen anyone with that particular symptom/pain, just ask to be referred to someone who has the relevant experience, that will make them pay attention, it means spending nhs money for which they are accountable. I hope you get that pain resolved soon, take care of yourself.

  • hello,

    i can totally relate to this, i too dont see my gp until im forced to by such pain that i cant cope. i appreciate all doctor surgeries are busy but im always given an appt 3-4 weeks away and its pot luck what doctor i get to see. i have flatley refused to see a certain one as he said my symtoms were in my head!!! GRRR!!!! he should spend a day in our shoes!

    please fight to see another doctor at your surgery,its your right to do so, dont suffer because of the ingnorant doctors attitude and lack of bedside manner if not can you join another surgery? take care

  • EERRRMMMM..... If ribs cant cause pain what is the pain you feel when you break, crack or bruise them???

    My husband had 1 broken and 4 bruised ribs at the moment ....... cant wait to go home and tell him that he must be imagining the agony he is in as ribs dont hurt!!!

    What an idiot


  • Hey Angelcake

    Ditto as above - complain to PALS, complain to Practice Manager, complain to PCT!! The woman doesn't deserve her qualification as a GP FULL STOP. I have suffered from what has been termed "nerve ending pain" across my whole ribcage for the past 6 yrs and take amitriptyline for it (yes I know this is an old fashioned anti depressant at HIGH dose) at low dose (20-40mg) it keeps the pain at a bearable level. Don't allow this excuse for a medical professional to let you doubt yourself!! Good Luck with your fight and huge hugs xxxx

  • Thanks everyone, I rang the surgery today and asked to see a different doctor who I think does actually own a brain. Unfortunately I have another three weeks to wait!

  • Angelcake, ring your surgery again and say you need an emergency app. You shoudnt be waiting 3 bloody weeks for app when youre in pain x

  • That's what I said yesterday and got in straight away, but then couldn't choose who I saw! :0(

  • Hi Angelcake it sound like you have a high pain threshold so next time you go to the doctor you must mention that you have a high pain threshold and that is why you leave going to the doctor until it has now become chronic.

  • I used to be terrified of sneezing as it hurt my ribs / intercostal muscles. Insist on a referral to a rheumatologist. Its YOUR body and they have a duty to listen, treat, refer.

  • I think many doctors just don't have a concept about what it is like having a condition - they are trained to 'cure' and when they can't, sometimes they find it difficult. My GP said 'you know more about this than I do' and I said of course I do, I live with it! But we seem to have mutual respect now. Your GP should be working with you as equal partners, she/he is the medical expert and you are the expert in your life and symptoms - when it works, its brilliant! A lot of you are mentioning constant pain - here's a site that might help you to feel a bit more in control - paintoolkit.org

  • That's very helpful thank you x

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