blisters in my nose, mouth and tounge any advise???

after finaly sorting my ears out my nose,mouth and tounge are full of blister's fed up with all this get one problem sorted to wake up with something elce,have no interest in food whot so ever and also a raging fever and always thirsty????? any help you can offer would be gratefully resived feel so fed up and my mood once again is low ..some days i feel like i could just give up..or give in :-[[[


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14 Replies

  • Hi Tracy- Iam also having to deal with those blister on my tongue in my mouth and nose....when it was very bad- the dr's gave me a cortisone type of mouthwash, but I have banned ANY cortisone from my life so I use a toothpaste Sensodyne(South Africa) which helps for sensitive gums and rinse afterwards with a strong anti-bacterial mouth wash Sometimes I just rinse my mouth with saltwater, when I dont have those. You will have to take some mild pain tablet(panado/tenston/stopain) for the fever and the thirst? Well I dont think there is a SLE patient who is not thirsty- drink LOTS of water - it seem to flush impurities. Also add a teaspoon of alkaline powder to your first water of the morning......i wish you well- hope you feel better soon....

  • hi magda..thankyou for your kind words to be honest i have tryed mouth wash but that just burns my moth even more yes i use a sensertive toothpaste i use oral b at the moment i will try the saltwater aswell see how it goes i take tramodol for my pain so i think i rattle enough with the meds the doc's give you .i didnt relise as a sle patient we do get a raging you go of your food???..i wish you well to,, my wondefull hubby has been a great help he took me out today to the beach to chear me up as i love the seaside rapped up well and had a nice time ...take care xx

  • Hi Tracy, try Biotene mouthwash and toothpaste, they also do a gel you can carry round with you. I went to see a oral specialist a few years ago and he suggested this and it has helped me a lot. Not all doctors will give it you on prescription which is annoying but it is worth the price. Just look out for 3 for 2 in Boots and you can save money. When I started using it you had to order it but most chemists sell it now. Good luck and do give it a try.

  • hi at mt dentist in early november so i will ask his advice as this is getting stupid...i use a floride toothpaste and mouthwash just burns my mouth as i pass on that..yes i do use boots alot for my heigene stuff(as i aslo get the points to use l) thankyou for your advice

    best wishes to you to x

  • Hi Tracy .... when I get the blisters and mouth ulcers, I use yoghurt. I take a spoonful and try to keep it in the area where it is sore and I have found that this clears them quicker than any of the prescribed medications.

  • thankyou very much for that ..i'v tryed natural yoguart and wow my mouth cooled down with in 5mins...i carnt do ice-cream as i get a silly reaction to that in my tummy..but you have been a great help once again thankyou xx

  • The yoghurt has a natural bacteria that fights infection, so I would recommend the yoghurt over ice cream any day, so pleased that you got a positive result .... it will be even better tomorrow :) x

  • Hi ya, I know how bad this feels, it's intitially how they found my Lupus. My GP thought I had Bechet's Disease which is very similar because I had about 50 mouth ulcers and lesions everywhere. Since my meds have kicked in I rarely get the mouth ulcers now but you have evry sympathy becuase at one point I knew I'd been dreming if I wasn't in pain. I used to gargle with salt water which is painful but it brings the ulcers out so they heal quicker, am scarred all over from theto start with but it brings them out. I must have a lesion in my nose now cuz it's been bleeding for a week now! I also get them in & out of my bits and on my bum so I bath in salt water, nothing clers tem up though! Am back at the rhuemy next fri and it can't come soon enough! If he tells me any tips or advice I'll let you know. I saw the oral surgeon afetr my dentist sent me but his advice was proper immune meds which for the most part now they've kicked in do help and my GP said to keep your mouth as clean as poss.

  • hi there... yes im always like nice clean mouth and teeth as sometime my mouth taste horrid i have no answer in why...i carnt use anything in my bath water as my skin goes more sore and splits so i keep well at my dentist next month so i will ask him if there is anything i can take...thankyou for you kind woeds

    best wishes tracey x

  • Hi

    Try liquorice for your mouth ulcers it helps with the pain also they seem to go quicker.I think mouth ulcers are the most bloody nasty, evil, make you want to scream things, they should be against the law.( I really want to swear, best not)

  • hiya bettie..thankyou for your kinds words thay did make me like you i could swear for england sometimes ....and yes mouth ulcers should be bloody banned ..but might not try liqourice of know as i could poo for england at the moment so think it might be wise to not try that at the moment lol.i do think we should scream and shout as much as we like as this sle is a ****( i call mine a man as it pisses me of daily ) well best wishes to you

    tracey x

  • Hi Tracy, hope you are ok today- I awoke this morning with a horrific flare which started last night with a burning itchy skin. As for the yucky taste in your mouth and the thirst, yes. I have the problem as well. I brush my teeth and Tongue at least 3 times a day!!! The problem is mostly with the Tongue- because of internal fever and all the other things in your body going on because of Lupus, the Tongue gets packed wit all sorts of nasty things - sometimes I stick out my Tongue when I get up and reels with disgust because of the yellow,greenish,White stuff on it! I have a special brush/rake -like thing to clean my tongue- I'm certain you would get it @ Boots

    Hope u have a nice day!!

  • hi magda...i'm feeling abit better to day thankyou i even sat in the shade in the garden today it was wonderfull to have some fresh air ,I do feel for you with the itchy skin mine drives me mad when its in my ear's i could cry as you carn't get it to stop....yes my mouth is alway's giveing me jip at the moment and yes i clean my teeth about 4 times a day and have to have a new toothbrush twice a month yes our toung's are not a pritty it because we dont realy get rid of all the stuff lupus does with our body' you i suffer badley with the fever and at the moment my med's are keeping the pain at bay ..but 6wk's ago i suffed with a fresh new blood-clot in top of my thigh even though i was on long time warfrin so its back to the ingection's for me until hemo try a new drug on me but i have to waite untill feb next year so i still have mager problem's as also lupus mimicked that i had a stroke but i didn't so yes all of us have a very hard funny road to take ..stry to stay possivertive i no that hard on bad day's and chin up don't help as then you get mad and think you try this for a day and carry on...think god has gave me the strenth to keep going and try to think there are worse of than me

    well best wishes to you

    take care xx

  • Hi,Tracey; Get your dentist to prescribe Duraphat toothpaste,Difflam mouthwash & Fluoriguard mouthwash. These are what my dentist gives me for the same problem and they work quite well when used regularly with pain relief etc.Good luck xx

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