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Blood blisters in mouth

Blood blisters in mouth

Evening all,

I really don't know what's happening to me at the moment, I seem to be going down hill.

I had a scratchy sore throat yesterday some swelling in the side of my cheek. Tasted blood but I have a metallic taste 24/7 & the pain I felt was actually extreme! I found a large blood blister in the corner of my cheek. It's just below the last molar. I've NEVER had it before. As you can see it's dark in colour, it looked like the blood vessels around it had burst too.

It has popped now probably whilst I slept as i woke up today & could taste blood. VILE!

Anyone else had anything like this ??

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Hi Laura,. Try not to worry. I have SLE and its part of the whole mouth sore phenomenon. I get them all of the time. I could send you a picture if I knew how that looks exactly like that. Mine usually turn white before they heal. It's part of the autoimmune process. My rheumatologist gave me folic acid 1 mg daily. He says it's supposed to help. Hugs from me to you, Nan


Thank you Nanaleighh, I still haven't had a definite diagnosis of SLE yet. Despite being told by a Vasculitis specialist that I did have lupus it's now back to the drawing board. Ive never had blood blisters before & it wasn't due to mouth trauma or biting it just appeared.

I have many oral issues like growths in my throat, & lesions. Multiple tooth abscesses, Dark superficial pigmentation on the floor of my mouth & awaiting Biopsies Oral ulcers are much more frequent as I only used to get one or two when I was feeling very unwell. But I'm poorly most days now,

But I do have a new ulcer which is white & seems to be in a long line formation, It starts from the inside of my cheek near the start of my bottom lip, inner cheek & all the very back to my last tooth. It doesn't hurt just feels weird. It's been there for months now.

This blood blister just appeared which had me thinking, & as I'm struggling to eat solids at the moment I was eating a yogurt at the time & just felt a huge lump in my mouth which got my heart beating like crazy!

It's unfamiliar to me, but thank u for commenting & to know it's normal is a good thing. Due to my previous blood clot issues I assumed it could be because of that. But phew! White?! Mine stayed a dark colour & still looks dark even though it drained itself, Sorry to hear that you have experienced these horrible things, & I hope there not to painful for you. Thanks again for messaging I most appreciate it xx


I started getting these in my early 20s...am 63 now. Get them regularly...hardly a week goes by without them. They can be quite small or v large....on my tongue, inside my cheeks, down my gullet. Medics tell me they are called "paroxysmal haematomas" and are due mainly to my combo of Ehlers Danlos Hypermobility + infant onset SLE. Dermatology diagnosed them as Angina Bullosa Haemorrhagica. Like nanleighh, i just manage them as best i can...mine tend to burst & bleed a bit ....gengigel mouth wash & gel help prevent the burst ulcer-like lesions from becoming badly inflamed

πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€ coco


Thanks BarnClown,

Crikey! Gosh coco! My one was more than enough to cope with but you sound like you've had your fair share. & to be recurrent is a complete frigging nightmare! I'm honestly shocked, & genuinely & sincerely feel for you. My tongue is sore, & my cheek is too. The blood blister has drained itself, but has left a raw wound so to say It frigging hurts! I shouldn't say I'm used to oral lesion manifestations but I've had so many dental problems infection after infection and so on. I even had 3 tooth abscesses at one time which I have to say was unbearable which caused inflammation & swollen face & inside of my mouth. I had many ulcers at the point.

I know of Angina bullosa haemorrhagica. I will have to ask my dentist. I'm waiting for another Rheumatologist appointment to come through the post. So that will be my 4th consultant who hopefully knows what this all is.

You've really been through the wars coco. I don't know how you manage to cope but you sure are incredible & how you respond to what is thrown at you is inspiring. X

I've r

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Thanks for all your kind words. This forum...each & everyone of you...makes all the diff to me...my hard times are nowhere nearly as hard since i joined LUK 6 years ago!

You've been through a lot too! Hope you'll let us know your doctors' theories re this oral stuff....you're one of the few i've encountered who has heard of ABH: years ago in the early 2000s, before my lupus diagnosis was recovered, my dentist sent a photo of a huge paroxysmal haematoma on my tongue to a nhs dermatologist he worked with and she wrote back diagnosing ABH, so my GP referred me to nhs oral surgeons who did blood tests, and suspected low iron until i continued to get these lesions even on iron tabs...they told me to come back for biopsy with a blood filled lesion, but by then i was feeling so ill and low that i gave up. Since those bad years, my rheumatology lupus clinic hasn't contradicted that dermy's diagnosis, but has opined that my vascular version of hEDS definitely is a significant underlying cause in the pie chart of reasons i get these lesions.

Take care πŸ€πŸ˜˜πŸ€πŸ˜˜


Hey sorry for the late reply Coco,

I was surprised to hear you knew of it too. I've never encountered another who has heard of ABH.

My dentist & oral Maxillary facial Surgical team have been really good at helping me, I'm due for more Biopsies.

I also have 2 erupted wisdom teeth that need to be extracted under GA. above one of the teeth I have a large growth, & a few tiny lesions on my hard pallet. I have had so many issues regarding oral health & my dentist has gone up above & beyond to get a diagnosis.

She's actually done more for me than my GP.

After the blood blisters I've now got a blister on my top lip that popped It's an open wound & SO SORE! I was given some supplement due to having a iron deficiency serum folate was extremely low. But doctors haven't checked up on me even though I've rang them to try & sort something out.

My lips have deep cracks that when moved they split open & bleed. It's a flipping nightmare.

I just can't seem to get any help.

I'm hoping some one will find an underlying cause as I'm running on empty x

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for what it's worth, for many years i've also been getting what rheumatology calls ehlers danlos paroxysmal haematomas in my feet (especially toes), ankles, shins, hands & wrists....these occur less frequently than the oral versions though


Thanks coco, I really need to find a good specialist, my hospital & GP Surgery make me feel as if they don't care & are doing everything they can to convince me I'm fine.

I'm not sure if you've had this but. As you mentioned the feet. My sole has an extra layer of thick skin & after a month it literally peels off. I mean my skin peels off in layers. Sometimes I can't put my feet down as it's extremely painful πŸ˜– & other times I find that horrendous pain takes the focus off other pain that I endure & feel.

I feel like a complex human being! X

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Thank you for posting this

have had exactly the same for the last year , I too have had the metallic taste and until I saw the blood blisters in the inside of my cheek and spat out blood I wondered what it was

Thank you Coco once again for enlightening us to what they could be (you're awesome we are so lucky to have you on this forum !)

I now wonder if mine could be due to my hEDS /sle ?

I may mention it to my rheumy when I next see them

Very best wishes 🌻🌻🌻


Am so glad you've joined in...hope you'll let us know what you learn πŸ€πŸ˜˜πŸ€πŸ˜˜


Hey sunshine16

Thanks for getting in touch,

REALLY! oh my.. I'm sorry to hear that your in the same boat as me.

Spitting out blood is shock horror! I woke up with blood in my mouth this morning & accidentally swallowed it out of shock!

WERE SO lucky for the lovely coco πŸ€

I was diagnosed with H EDS, many moons ago, but wasn't put on any treatment.

The fact that I'm floating still unsure of a safe place to land, in between indifferent diagnosis's being thrown from pillar to post, HOPING that some Gold-dusted Doctor who wants a complex case such as myself will appear sometime soon. Because I'm struggling badly, old symptoms & new.

Fairy godmother

Witch doctor needed! Lol x

Hope you get the answers you so deserve Hun, please keep me posted x

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Hi LauraMK30,

Have you spoken to your GP or rheumatologist about this?

We published a factsheet on LUPUS: The Mouth, Nose and Eyes which I hope you will find useful: lupusuk.org.uk/wp-content/u...

We also published an article on our blog about coping with oral and nasal ulcers which you may like to read here: lupusuk.org.uk/coping-with-...

Please keep us updated, wishing you all the best.


Hi Chanpreet,

I have spoken to my GP today & Im not getting anywhere,

I had multiple oral ulcers over the weekend, & now I have a raw open wound of my top lip. I have no idea what to do.

My GP mentioned referring me to yet another Rheumatologist, but I've been waiting for 3 months with no appointment.

So I haven't a Rheumatologist to speak to,

Just you guys which is a beacon of light for me.

Thank you for the articles I will give them a read.

I'm feeling quite low today & I think the ulcers are getting me down too.

Thanks again for taking the time to message me, x


Hi LionHeart31,

Sorry for the delay in response.

You may be able to get an earlier appointment with a rheumatologist if you contact the secretary regularly for cancellations.

Sometimes, certain situations can be overwhelming which is why talking to someone can help relieve worries and anxiety that you may have. If you would like someone to speak to, we can provide you with LUPUS UK contacts who you can chat with over the telephone. These contacts are volunteers who mostly have lupus themselves; they are not medically trained but are there to offer support and understanding. If you would like a local contact to speak to, you can email me at chanpreet@lupusuk.org.uk .

Let us know how you get on. All the best!


Hi honey

Not sure if yore In the UK but have you considered going to a Lupus UK centre of excellence near to your area ?

Very best wishes take care πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’

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