The day after the night before!

Well, thought since I was feeling a bit better and things were looking up, we would have a few friends over last night for a wee get together. We moved house back in June but I was diagnosed nearly straight away so never had a housewarming so this seemed the perfect time to do it.

Friends (only invited four!) arrived at seven and by half eight I was needing my bed!! Forgot how boring it is when everyone else is drinking and you are stone cold sober. So I sat and ate all the munchies instead. Not good when you are trying not to overeat due to steroids! Managed to keep myself going by drinking many cans of pepsi max and they finally left at one o'clock in the morning. I didn't really mind as my husband had a ball and he's not had much fun lately so it was nice to see him enjoy himself for a change instead of having to worry about me.

Due to the pepsi and the overeating I ended up not being able to sleep and had major heartburn all night. Eventually got to sleep about six only to have to get up at eight to take first lot of mediciine! So blooming shattered, joints all sore, splitting headache, felt sick and still got hearburn. Have spent all day lying around trying to recover. What a waste of a day! Thank goodness not working till Tuesday as I think I might need tomorrow in my bed!

Moral of story - Obviously no longer a party animal! Dreading Christmas work nights out as I think I might have to be the party pooper this year and be the one who goes home straight after the meal :(

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Hey ,,Hi,,im sure your a party animal still at heart!!Hope you feeling bit better?When i read some of peoples stories i feel lucky to just have discoid,frbro,and livedoreticularis!!You working Tuesday??What do you do,,hope not to strenuous,,my job is soo hard work,,although i havent been for 6weeks,,currently sick leave!Hey i never did headaches now i have them evreyday aswell as the usual!!Loved your post x


Hi Dawn, I've just sat and vegged all day! Eveything has been quite good recently and I'm quite sure things will be fine tomorrow again!

I feel the same about other peoples stories. I'm actually really lucky - was diagnosed and started treatment very quickly with great support from all the doctors and my family. And I don't have nearly as many symptoms as others do. I've got stage 4 kidney nephritis, problems with breathing, joint pain and tiredness.

Got back to work a fortnight ago after five weeks off sick, but its two and a half days a week and the docs have said I'll never be able to go back to the hours I did before but I have to admit I don't want to. Hopefully by christmas I'll get back a third day and I'll be happy with that. I work in an opticians as a dispenser so I have to be careful about working with the public that I don't catch anything as my immune system has been suppressed but my boss has been really good and its not a strenuous job by any means. The travelling is probably the worst thing especially the thought of of driving home 15 miles at 5.30pm when I finish!!

What is it you do? This site has been a godsend for me as it's so difficult to find out any info lupus and its great to have people to speak to that are going through similar things.

Sharon x


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