Muscle twitches and muscle pain???

Hi all,i have blogged many times but this is one issue which im really struggling with ,ok.....we all know its common to get joint pain ,however for me the tendon and muscle pain is insane,my shoulders,back muscles and even around my rib cage and chest muscles ,feel like their hanging off the bone:(like i ripped them ,sitting or laying down is so painfull so sleep isnt happening;(they burn and are sore to touch ,my spine is agony in particular points leading to pins and needles in my feet and legs when i try and lie straight ,i also get a shingles like feeling (if any of you have had shingles)all down left side of my body and my skin is super sensitive ,is this familiar to anyone ?im quite distressed as this type of pain isnt responding so well to pain meds ,not sure if this is lupus??or my fibromyalgia overlap?thanks guys.brave;))


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10 Replies

  • hello brave

    i too seem to suffer with very painful,sore,tingling muscles (well i think its the muscles) lately its been very bad around my hips and thighs they have been horrendous can t seem to wear tight clothes i find rubbing/massaging the muscles very painful and walking is very uncomfortable. it can feel like my muscles are squeezing and tightening painfully especially when i have been on feet.

    yes like you sleep forget that i just cant get comfortable in bed,

    i have been quite worried so i went to gp last week and he has taken bloods to check for Ck levels to see if i have myositis,praying i dont, i have been been taking anti-inflam tablets as im desperate for some relief.i have felt like this now for 2 weeks my gp said he doesn t think its lupus related so i will just see what bloods say next week.

    i have my suspicions that its fibromyalgia which is near impossible to diagnose, maybe you should ask yor gp to check your bloods to see if you have inflammation.

  • Thankyou

  • I suffer more with tendon, muscle & ligament pain than I do with joint pain. Yes, it's bloody horrendous & even oramorph doesn't totally take the pain away, it simply dulls it. The pins & needles & twitches can b attributed 2 lupus (I get these a lot lol!) but the skin feeling very sensitive, I would b inclined 2 say this would b more so fibro than lupus. Hope u get some answers soon brave :)

  • Seems like both hey? thankyou

  • Hi brave I too have had this more on top half of my body esp my breasts it was agony to touch any part of upper body and had to hold breasts going up and stairs let alone trying r

  • Not to get personal but do any of you have breastfeeding augmentation. I do and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 5 years later and my mom swears it's the implants.

  • To sleep but braved it to docs for examination was told muscle inflammation and take painkillers.I was at Hosp yesterday with arm and had steroid injection with gave me mild relief for approx 2 hrs.was told that was trapped nerve due to oestoarthritis /or something else? I start phsyio next week.I truly sympathy you as I didn't know what the hell was wrong with me and quite scary hope it doesn't last too long x

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  • My pain is in the tendons, joints, muscles and the skin. I can sleep on my hip and then the pain feels like it is,coming from my bones. I get the pins as needles down mg legs and spasms in my but cheeks. My feet will turn in and cause more soreness. I can't take gabapention or any med like Lyrica they make everything worse. I have to see a pain doctor and he has me on the patch of fentanyl 25mg. It last 3 days. I take something for breakthrough and I'm doing better than before with my pain.

  • By the way can anyone help me understand the difference between fibromyalgia and lupus. So many people bring it up. My grandmother had horrible Rumatoid Arth. . So I wonder if I can get it genetically later in life. I'm newly 40. And still trying to deal with the fact I am not the person I was 5 years ago. My family has an even harder time. With it, like what happened to you and tell me to forsee myself up. Like I have control over my bad days. Sometimes I can't get up out of bed until 11 am or 12. But I'm up all night with stupid infomercials. I've also gained 40 lbs and I am 5 foot 2. Usual weight is 120. I don't know what to do. Exercise hurts me so bad I can't move for days after. I have recently gotten bloodwoork to see if I need to change anything on my own. Thanks Amy

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