Lupus, Shingles and Acyclovir

Last month, I had my 4th bout of Shingles in the last 4 years. I once again took the Acyclovir prescribed. After two days I developed a nasty case of Tonsillitis. I had no other symptoms, no cold etc, so I was prescribed Antibiotics. I stopped taking the Acyclovir as I couldn't swallow them (they are huge!) The tonsillitis disappeared overnight. Has anyone experienced this a side effect before or was it a complete coincidence? The reason I ask is I appear to have shingles again! (I can't imagine the spots would still be appearing 5 weeks later??? I am feeling really bad at the moment and could not take tonsillitis again on top of how I'm feeling. So the big question is, do I put up with the Shingles and hope it passes quickly, or do I go back to the GP and risk feeling even more poorly???? My head feels like I can't make any decisions at the moment :( I should also mention that I had a steroid injection the same day as I started the Acyclovir and started Hydroxycloroquine 2 days later. So maybe just medication overload?

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  • 2 Years not 4 years. Can't even think straight grrrrrrr

  • Sore throat is a listed rare side effect of acyclovir, as are "sores, ulcers, or white spots in mouth or on lips". Was the doctor SURE it was tonsillitis?

    But I do wonder WHY doctors let patients start multiple medications within hours of each other...

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  • Thank you. I was looking for an edit but couldn't see it. I think I need my bed. I went to the GP as I was concerned. She took my temp, which was raised, a\nd looked at my throat which she said was almost closed. I brought up the meds questions and she said that wouldn't be the cause, but as soon as I stopped the accyclovir, it went away, just seemed a strange coincidence.

  • No, the edit isn't what you would call in an obvious position is it! At least there is one!

    I have to admit, I would have to be convinced it wasn't a coincidence.

  • I think I will have to put up with the shingles. Can't deal with anything else, feel like a right moaner. But one more thing might make me cry

  • I can relate to the misary of shingles I my self have had ophthalmic shingles 3 times over a 12 / 18 mth period ,a was able to take the Meds as I had no side effects and at the time many yrs ago I was 19 now 48 I did not have a lupus type illness please stay in contact with your gp can you get Meds in a injection form ? Won't help the tonsillitis but shingles is nasty hope you feal better soon

  • Not shingles. Need to get second opinion

  • I had shingles on and off for 30 years. When the vaccine didn't work I went to a Immunologist who discovered my immune system was attacking me (Lupus) - I am now on Hydroxychloroquine plus one 200mg of Aciclovir daily. I don't think the tonsillitis was to do with shingles or Aciclovir. My shingles was so constant and a sign I had Lupus. Do take the Aciclovir and if you get side effects of any kind of pain take the painkiller that works for you. The shingles will wear you down if not. I would think the tonsillitis was a sign your system was really low. Good luck.

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