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Lupus & Skin Care: Protection & Beauty

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Hi all!

Not me in the photo, just thought it was pretty and a fun way to kick off a discussion. I was having coffee with a friend and somehow we happened upon my daily skin routine. She was really surprised with how long it took and how involved it was. Granted, I’ve been experimenting with different ways to fuse UV protection and makeup so that (1) my full body is protected and (2) I can mostly cover up my malar (butterfly) rash and other redness in a way that doesn’t appear heavy and “caked on”.

I was wondering if any of you have come up with your own custom routines and what they are like, what products you enjoy and what does/doesn’t make your skin feel better (e.g. I can’t use chemical OTC sunscreen. I turn super red and it stings. I have to have a 100% mineral based UV protection protocol).

Also, would it be helpful or fun to have a well known makeup company provide good tutorials or even **custom products tailored for our unique needs**? This is kinda of crazy, but after my friend listened to my tale of getting prepped to face the world (pardon the pun!), she disclosed that she has some great contacts at Urban Decay. I was like “PLEASE have them do something for us!!!”.

Anyway, drop me a line about your relationship with skin care, UV protection and makeup. Would love to hear all your stories!!

Be well :)

(if you have links to videos with tips and tricks that would be awesome as well)

22 Replies
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I find make up a nightmare. What is fine one day may not be the next. Advice would be fab. X

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katidid in reply to Jules23

Will do! I’m think of making my own video but seeing if I can finagle my way into getting some pro advice

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I use it cosmetics illuminating foundation and it covers the rash on my face and neck. It has sunscreen and other good things for skin built in. I found it’s the best for me. I think you have to experiment to find out what works best for you. Best of Luck to you 🍀 Nan

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katidid in reply to nanleighh

I saw It Cosmetics pop up in my feed. Looks like they sell locally so I’ll go check them out, thx! How do you apply your sunscreen with it. Before? One problem I have struggle with solving is getting makeup on top of sunscreen without that “tacky/sticky” feeling or being super shiny looking.

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nanleighh in reply to katidid

It has sunscreen built right into it, so I don’t put any sunscreen on under it. I hope that helps, Nan

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Chanpreet_WaliaPartner in reply to nanleighh

Hi nanleighh and Katidid,

According to various reports and an article published by The Independent in May 2018, relying on SPF in makeup alone is not enough to provide adequate protection. It is advised that you put on SPF underneath makeup.

Waiting a couple of minutes to let the SPF settle in and absorb into the skin can allow for a smoother makeup application. There are SPFs specifically made for the face and are dermatologically tested. Also, using a semi-matte or matte foundation on top of the SPF can help reduce the 'shine'. Matte-setting sprays can also help reduce a 'shiny face' as well as using a primer after using the SPF.

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nanleighh in reply to Chanpreet_Walia

It depends on the type of sunscreens in the makeup which I learned from working for a dermatologist as a nurse. The one I use has both titanium dioxide and zinc oxide with spf over 50 and of course I stay out of the sun as much as possible and wear a hat and cover up. If I have to Be in the sun then I will apply more. Have a great day! Nan

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AgedCrone in reply to katidid

Have you experimented mixing the sun lotion with your various creams rather than applying them separately?

It takes a bit of time to work out the proportions but it can work well.

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Chanpreet_WaliaPartner in reply to AgedCrone

This is a great idea, using a pea-sized amount of both your facial moisturiser and facial SFP can be combined and applied together :)

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katidid in reply to AgedCrone

That’s what I finally started doing! Works soooo much better. I keep lotion and pure zinc oxide in the shower and mix the two together while my skin is warm (open pores) and do all over application. Once out of the shower, I do another mineral based blocker (MD Solar Sciences) on my face, neck, shoulders and chest. The I use a spray for a second app for my body.

One trick I learned for my face is to put a small layer of green primer on top of all the sunscreen. Works better then anti redness creams and protects the sunscreen.

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I’m headed to the annual Lupus Conference today in LA. They have a talk on skin care. I’ll post the info when I get back!

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Jules23 in reply to katidid

Brilliant. Thank you.

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Coffeetime in reply to katidid

How did your trip to LA go. Did they have any good news on skincare?

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Hello I’m a Rep for Tomorrowsleaf company based out of England ... Vegan, No GMO gluten free made with essential oils. I have Lupus,RA, Limited Scleroderma , Raynauds, etc . I can not have any chemical in or on my body . I have been using these products since July 2018. There’s also a day cream with SPF 30 and no chemicals at all. Feel free to check out our Site.

Nannette Miller

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I use E45 creams for pretty much everything as they seem so work for me. For sunscreen, I use Neutrogena UltraSheer Dry-Touch SPF 100+. Non greasy, totally absorbing and water resistant. Great for face/upper body, a little pricey but worth the money as it lasts for ages and you don’t need to use v.much. It’s the best sunscreen I have come across! I don’t wear make up usually, but if I need to face the world & make a bit of an effort for something, I use Clinique Redness Solutions Makeup SPF 15. Calms the redness, easy to apply, nice natural coverage, no reaction. Make Up? Body Shop stuff for lips, eyes etc. Interested to try Tomorrow’s Leaf stuff mentioned in this thread.

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For sunscreen, I just want to second Horsewhisper's nod to Neutrogena Ultrasheer Dry-Touch SPF 100+. It is by far the best sunscreen I've ever used also. The price at around £20 (or a bit less on eBay) is totally worth it.

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I'm a big fan of new skin care products and try to attend beauty med spa here twice a month to make Isolaz treatment and get rid of acne spots. It gives great results. Twice a day I use CeraVe cleanser and CeraVe daily moisturizer afterwards.

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I discovered organic Shea Butter for moisturiser. 100% natural and cheap too. Deodorant I use a combo of coconut oil, arrowroot and bicarb of soda. I rarely use soap - coconut oil works well as a cleaner. You can also swish it around your mouth instead of mouthwash. I came across a great natural recipe for shampoo - I'll experiment and see if it works!

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Hi there. As for me, I use only organic skin care products. I'm a vegetarian and always in search of new good vegan butter or oil for my skin and hair. Recently I've tried this shea soap base and estimated the result. My skin looks much better :)

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I use it beauty care products lighting up establishment and it covers the rash all over and neck. It has sunscreen and other beneficial things for skin worked in. I discovered it's the best for me. I think you need to trial to discover what works best for you.

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Skin disease in lupus can cause rashes or sores (lesions), most of which will appear on sun-exposed areas such as the face, ears, neck, arms, and legs. A dermatologist, a physician who specializes in caring for the skin, should treat lupus skin rashes and lesions. ... Discoid lupus lesions are often red, scaly, and thick.

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I can highlight a few favorites among the cosmetic brands that produce skincare products. The Ordinary and Clinique are my favorite brands that make excellent skin care products for all skin types and problems. The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 2% facial peel was great for pigment spots. I think many people know about these peels and their miracle effect. Of the Clinique products, I highlight the Dramatically Different moisturizing lotion. It is the best moisturizer I have ever tried. In addition to skincare products, I actively use hydroxytyrosol powder as a dietary supplement. It helps me take care of my skin.

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