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Stinging skin and back pain with maybe thoracic disc herniation

I have been suffering from skin stinging across my abdomen like a jelly fish sting - really painful, for a couple of weeks and my GP thought shingles. but it has continued and i have horrendous mid back pain (just under my rib cage) My GP thinks it could be a herniated T7 disc. so he sent me for an xray- (see him wed 19 for results). He strted me on Gabapentin which has really helped and oxynorm and diazepam for the pain - these reduce the pain but do not take it away and on Saturday it was really severe. (Pain scale 1 to 10 = mine was 15, i was screaming with the pain)

I was wondering if anyone else has experience of this and could enlighten me,. Anything that would help would be welcomed. thanks in anticipation.


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How interesting, I sometimes have that on my abdomen, right hand side. But it isn't continuous and I put it down to the meds, I didn't have it before the treatment (although that is not necessarily an indication, I know). Have you tried altering your medication and see if it makes a difference? Think back to when the sensation started, have you just been put on a certain drug about that time? I am keeping a list of symptoms: before diagnosis, before steroids, after steroids, after plaquenil, etc. This way I keep track of things that might be triggered by medication. Not foolproof but still.


I have skin burning but it moves around very painful. I did have it very bad down one leg once and that was caused by a slipped disc, X-rays don't always show mine didn't and had to have a MRI that showed it very clear. Good luck. X


Hi I have exactly the same. I've been diagnosed with costochondritis. It is inflamation of the cartlidge inbetween the ribs. It is very painful with stinging sensation. For me its through my chest, down to abdomin and round into the back. Apparently there not much they can do other than pain relief which I find doesn't work. I have been in a and e due to struggling to breathe as a result of this. You need a good doctor to diagnose as its not something that normally would show on scans.

I wish you well,

Karen x


Bodicea -- your symptoms sound a lot like mine.. My right side feels like I was stung by a jellyfish . My skin is hyper sensitive to the touch. Or perhaps like the worst sunburn you ever had. This has gone on for about 3 months now. It's not getting any better or worse. I haven't seen a doctor about it because that's futile IMO. (Besides pushing statin drugs, what are they good for? Anyway -- I've found something that changes my pain level from a '7' to a '1' - I wrap my thoracic area with an wide Ace bandage. Fairly tightly, but not enough to hinder my breathing. On bad days, I also take 2 Advil about every 6 hours. Hope this helps. You're not alone.


This is exactly why I love this forum,in too have had this but never even mentioned it to anyone. It eventually went away. Sorry everyone is dealing with it, as I know it is very painful and persistent but also glad to know I am not alone.


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