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Does anyone else have Lupus chilblains on the finger

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I have very painful Lupus chilblains on the fingers and no cream has helped so far prescription or over the counter

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Are you sure it is chilblains? Do you have raynauds, if so it could be the associated ulceration, get it checked out asap.

I agree: see your doctor about this

Seen the doctor and dermatologist and they both said "Ah yes Lupus chilblains" but I have tried all the chilblain creams prescribed and on the market. My hands are very cold most of the time but the skin is peeling, sore and flaking as well with the signs of the purple/black discoloring

Never heard of Lupus chilblains.

Does this come as a result of your hands being cold? If you're finding that the creams aren't working, you may have to take more preventative measures. There are lots of products available to help you keep your fingers and hands warm. You can read about some of them here -

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