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what effect does Lupus have on joints

Hi, I am undergoing diagnosis at the moment and have been on hydroxy for nearly 2 weeks now. The rash on my back is slightly going down, but pain in my joints is getting me down. Last week I decided to try and pull myself together and attemt some housework ( I felt I was getting very slovenly and feeling sorry for myself!). Antway after talking myself into it started dusting and not really stretching very much at all, ended up with hearing an almighty crack and couldn't move. It took me about 2 hours to get some mobility back. Anyway went to see someone about it 3 days later and was told I had pulled my pelvic joint out - Ouch!

Is this what I have got to look forward to or was it just a freak movement. I daren't even look at the duster now!

I would also just like to say that it is very reassuring to read posts on here that I am not the only one who has though that she is a hypochondriac. Thanks very much.

Julie xx

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Hello there,

Whoa sorry about the accident, but overall i think it was just a freak movement and you wasnt in the best of health whilst you was dusting anyway you should always rest in a flare or even with a bit of pain, besides the dusting can wait im sure, let the flare blow over and you will be able to pick up your duster again. I was like you when getting the diagnosis trying to do to much for myself but my body wasnt having it, i thought i could be catwomen but when your body is in pain it will only react with pain more and more each time you try to do activity, RELAX trust me hope the pelvic joint can be sorted get well soon



2 weeks on Hydroxychloroquine is not long to have much effect. Long term use can bring beneficial effects on the joints so hang on in there.


thanks for this, I just feel frustrated that I can't do what my mind wants to do and i get very bad tempered sitting around watching tings pile up. I am also not the best at asking for help although I am getting better.


I would ask Rheumy to check you for joint hypermobility on your next visit. Quite a lot of people with lupus have it. Just a thought. Good luck for getting diagnosed x


I agree with Sarah above, check for loose ligaments in your lower back, that makes you more prone to moving out of alignment. If so, you will need to do exercises to strengthen the pelvic and buttocks muscles to support the lower back.


thanks for this - I go on the 7th May so will ask about this and also my wrists andknuckles give me a lot of problems. Just dropped son at work - in car for 30 mins, now knuckles bright red and extremely stiff and sore!


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