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I love my GP!!

My G. P has always been really supportive since my diagnosis.

Recently, he told me that he wasn't happy with the advice I was getting from the community rheumatologist.

He rang me this morning to tell me that he has arranged for me to see a lupus specialist in Birmingham!

That's a good doctor.

Fingers crossed it doesn't take long for the appointment to come through


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that is great news and what u call a verry good doctor i wish my doctor was like that all thay do for me is give me more steroids cos that dont no what else to and my specialist no better ,,,,


Very lucky, that is a kind and contientious. I have had some unhelpful doctors that do not understand the condition and again just like to prescribe steroids.


gummy you can ask to be referred to any hospital you like its your choice and its the law. so if you are not happy move on until you find someone you are happy with


That's great news. My doctor is the same, and works with my rhumie is the clinic so I always get the best of both worlds :)


hey!i too have a very compasionate doc ,i would be lost without him,so patient with me !im a very complex person to go alongside this very complex disease,he probably knows just as much about lupus as my consultant,take care brave ;)


Interesting ! I live in Birmingham and was unaware that there was a lupus specialist here. Could you let me have a name and which hospital they're at? Many thanks


Caroline gordon.

I googled her. X


It great that your doctor has done that. If you want to go to a different speciallist I would recommend Prof Moots at the Royal Liverpool. He has people go to see him from all over UK. I know its a bit of a treck for you but worth it.

Good luck Helen


Thanks for that purple-Lou. I will ask my GP about her


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