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My sleep pattern has become an absolute nightmare,i seem to wake up every hour right through the night,i am so tired,i have tried not to catch up on sleep in the day in the hope i will sleep at night and i have even tried to nap in the day so im not over tired at night all to no effect,Does anyone else suffer this? has this a link to Lupus?


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  • katknapp, sleep has been an ongoing issue with me for years. I seem to go through stages of sleeping pretty good for a month and then back to a lot of disturbed nights. I have never been a daytime sleeper so can't blame it on that. I resorted to sleeping pills about 4 years ago, but that was hit and miss too. I know that I am sleeping much better since my Plaquenil finally kicked in last year (took 4 months), one of the reasons being I am not getting up to the bathroom 3 or 4 times a night anymore. I believe the Plaquenil settled inflammation in bladder which was disturbing sleep. Some nights, when legs are sore, it is a long night, but otherwise much better. Sleep tight!

  • I think it's pretty common in lupies. Aches and pains can wake you up; also many of us also have fibromyalgia and insomnia is one of the symptoms of fibro. I have found learning a relaxation/hypnotherapy technique has helped me. I take a low dose of amitriptyline and that usually helps as well.

    Worst thing is to worry about it!! xx

  • Definatly has sleep disturbance, I normally get a full hour to hour and half straight away then either waking up every 20 minutes or so or just being very restless and not getting to sleep for few hours.

    , I have tried having a sleep during the day when the body decides it would be good idea and can sleep for hour and half no problem, I have also tried not to sleep during day but weather I have a sleep during day or not doesn't seem to have any effect on the nights sleep. Then every so often I get a good nights sleep but haven't been able to work out what if anything I did differently.

    , There doesn't even seem to be any difference either if husband comes to bed usually after me so get disturbed or if he comes to bed at same time or if he sleeps downstairs

    Haven't mentioned this to GP or rheumy as really dont want any more tablets, Think its all part of Lupus and its just a question of trying to cope with it.

  • Sleep disturbances and the inability to sleep are very common with lupus Kat and are tricky to deal with. In 25 years I've not found a solution. Important not to become over-tired though so if you need a nap during the day then have one but try to limit it to between half an hour and an hour. I would, though, recommend buying a memory foam mattress, which is kinder on painful, inflamed joints and likey to give a more restful sleep. The one Which magazine currently recommends as Best Buy is, in fact, one of the cheapest ... made by Silentnight ... mattressnextday.co.uk/mattr...

  • ive had disturbed sleep since having lupus since 2005. i usually sleep deeply for first two hours and then light sleep and wake every couple of hours until i get up at 5am. i usually go downstairs to read a book so not to wake my family.

    ive been drinking decaff tea (i love my cuppas) since febuary and sleep no better. i do cat nap during the day if i become too tired and achey to cope and become ratty,thats usually an hours sleep which helps me recharge until bedtime.

    we have memory foam pillows which i highly recommend as my neck is painful.

  • I tend to have poor sleeping patterns which I have put down to a combination of factors - joint pain, gastric reflux, lung problems which give me a persistent cough and neighbours from hell to name a few. I have recently tried listening to a relaxation app that I have downloaded on my phone. I use the Paul McKenna sleep app (also available as a CD). I'm finding it a great help. I use it when I go to bed and if I do wake up in the night I listen to it again and I can get back off again quite quickly. It also seems to help me cope with the shoulder pain too.

  • Yes, I too have disrupted sleep. I have no problem going off to sleep but the pain/restlessness wakes me after an hour or so and then my brain goes into overdrive and every problem seems to be so much worse in the dark hours. I have been advised not to sleep in the day, to sleep in a well ventilated room (but warm), not to watch tv prior to bed and if I am awake for more than half an hour to get up, go to another room and read for a while until I feel drowsy again. The point of this is so that our body associates bed as a relaxing sleepy place and not one that we associate with pain and restlessness. Gentle exercise if you can during the day and avoid caffeine and alcohol. I've also tried Nytol which is a harmless over the counter med. I was also given Zopliclone to help me sleep with depression but although it worked a treat I came off it as I was worried about becoming dependent on it. Good luck, I hope this helps. Jax x

  • I can fully sympathise, i can be soooo exhausted when i go to bed, but i just can't sleep. we have bought memory foam pillows and matress which really help with the aches and pains. I have to prop myself up due to acid reflux. I find watching the tv at a very low volume actually helps me get to sleep. however when i do sleep, when i am about to flare I have terrible dreams which upset me. i also wake up quite a lot with hot sweats and so am wide awake for the next couple of hours.

    I haven't found one solution to all these problems, but just take each night as it comes and try not to worry about the lack of sleep.

  • I have this too, along with night sweats that can be very severe (which my rheumatologist says is common in lupus, due to inflammation). I agree with a number of the comments above. I find my sleep issues go in cycles and do improve during some periods. I hope you find the same.

  • Thank you all im glad im not the only one,whats weird is i look at the time and it can be 12.01 i fall asleep wake up again and its 1.01 more or less bang on hourly! also these night sweats i get them in the day and the doctors have not told me what they are but it gets very distressing as my hair gets wet and i start to feel as though im going to hyperventilate maybe my sweats are just in the day maybe?

  • i had forgotten to mention that (brain fog again) i have night sweats and daytime tropical mooments too, only begun in the daytime this year. hate it as its very embarissing feeling it drip down my forehead and down my back.....ewww

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