please can anyone tell me if you can, why you think our sleep pattern is so up and down.

last night i went to bed feeling very tired and very relaxed but the minute the light went out i couldn t sleep,and yet other nights i can sleep like im dead and then struggle to wake and get going in the morning.

as usual docs can t answer and once again out comes the prescription pad and another dose of tablets are given (anti depress which i won t take as this is a lifetime problem and they wont cure me).

your views would be great


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hi pinky56 i have the same problem can be falling asleep on sofa then wen go up 2 bed wide away and cant settle and keeping hubby awake all nite .my doc gave me anti-depresion tablets but thay are a pain killer and a mussel relaxer aswell doc has just uped mine to 2 aday in stead off 1 so not sure off the out come yet because thay av uped my tramodal and paracetomel aswell hope u feeling better soon


I think there are many reasons that our sleep patterns are all over the place. My nervous system seems to be effected a lot by seemingly innocent things, like chocolate, any caffeine, cheese, even the full moon really strings me out (it's full moon tonight!) and these things make me wired and unable to settle and sleep well. Of course it's really hard to settle and sleep when I'm in pain too.. and if I'm under stress. My mental health often goes up and down and when it's down it can have both opposite effects - sleepless nights or sleeping all the time.

I have found that there are a few things that help me relax and let go at night so i can sleep. One is training my mind to focus on my breath in my body so that I am doing that instead of thinking round and round. (I did a very helpful mindfulness course -MBCT- which is available on the NHS) I avoid stimulants and cheese and sometimes a nice bath with Lavender oil helps to sooth aches and pains and relax my mind too.

I hope you find something that works for you xx


thankyou dyrad

yes i too try to clear my mind at night in a warm bath with soft lights and calm music its the time of night i really enjoy,and yes it also helps me with my aches and pains which have been so annoying lately. sometimes i cope so well with everything and actualy feel normal and then like two days ago i go downhill fast feel low and can t sleep.

ive also noticed that with lack of a good nights deep sleep for a few days my face rash appears, and when i sleep better it goes away.

i struggle with everything when im tired and this miserable weather hasn t helped

i have hip and groin pain at the moment which just won t go away so sleep is important to help my muscles relax.,i stick to quite a healthly diet and never eat late so i don t think food is an issue. sadly i just have to except that some days i will be unwell..




After years of sleeping terribly (shift work and being a single mum to two young ones diesn't help!) I finally phoned my GP's receptionist yesterday to ask for something to help me sleep. My doc prescribed Zopiclone without chatting to me, which I'm grateful for as he knows my condition quite well. I'm worried though as I really wanted something a little less strong in case the kids need me in the night. I only took half of a 7.5mg tab but sure enough 4am came and my eyes were wide open and head was wired! I might try the full tab tonight seen as it didn't work. I'm really concerned as it says 'addictive' in huge letters on the box. Not really wanting anti-depressants. I think it's the Lupus condition itself that mucks up my sleep. The steroids don't help. I just wish I could have a few 9 hour nights, that would be bliss!


hello acorn1

i so agree about not really wanting to take meds as i too didnt want to struggle to wake in night if i was needed,as my doc also gave me meds for sleep he said they are for relaxing my muscles to help me sleep. but im not stupid i knew they were anti-depressants and i have kept them in my draw as i have still not pluck up the courage to take them, but sleep is so important and yes like you i was wide awake with the birds this morning and couldn t get back off.

so tommorrow im going to have a chat with my pharmasist at my local chemist and see if he can give me more advice as he is so caring and better than my doc.


Hi there Pinky and Acorn - this sleep thing is a real bummer isn't it? I get through loads of books in the "wee small hours" and manage on less than 3 hrs some nights.

Do you find it any better sleeping in the daytime? (I realise this is near impossible with children..or when you are working..) I can sometimes doze off for an hour or so in the afternoons,after meds have "kicked in" to manage pain levels, etc. I guess this is the body - catching up on the rest it needs. I've tried herbal aids to relaxation, like valerian (in Kalms) and lavender oil - avoiding caffeine and other stimulants.

All this helps - but I think there is also a psychological factor. Because waking up is SO painful....I tend to resist going into a deep sleep, as I'm reasonably pain-free by late evening.

I agree that sometimes Pharmacists can be so much more caring than GPs, even though their jobs are just as hectic. They are also more "clued up" about drug interactions and possible side effects.


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