Pain and swelling of Achilles tendon

Hello Everyone,

First of all I hope you are all keeping well

I would like to ask if anyone else out there suffers with swelling and pain around the Achilles tendon? If so is it something worth bothering the GP with or shall I ignore it? I get so used to simply 'putting up with' I think I am losing sight of maybe what's best for me as opposed to the GP !!! My specialist can barely meet my eyes and I am in and out of the consultation in a few minutes . So to be honest I find it very hard to go and ask my proffessionals !!!

So guys any help would be great.

Take care x

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  • Hi Titch. Is the pain in both tendons or just 1? and have you had it for a while? if so i would go to your GP just to have it checked out. Lupus can affect any part of the body as you know. Please dont just put up with it, may be nothing to worry about but at least it will put your mind at rest. Us Lupies have to be aware and look out for ourselves more than most. Hope this has helped. All the best x

  • I suffer with the same most of the time but only in one ankle. It is often extremely swollen and made worse I feel by driving. I get extreme pain at times- it feels like lemon juice is being poured in it. I did go to my GP recently about it and was given Naproxen. Having said that I still get pain through that too. I am going to mention it to my rheumy soon and will let you know what feed back I get. It may be worth going and speaking to your GP or ring your rheumy nurse at the hospital if the consultant doesn't give you the time you need! I hope you get it sorted soon. Good Luck x

  • I also have this in my left ankle it was me constantly going back to the gp with my ankle that I eventually got to see a rheumy and got my lupus diagnosis, for me as well driving aggravates it, I have been given Lodine for it didn't get on with naproxen. Although now it's not just my ankle that aches it may be me but my ankle always seems the worst place.

  • Do u have connective tissue disorder too? I get it a lot, not so much the swelling but the pain is horrendous :0(

  • Yes! Both legs, I was told by my doc it was because the blood is fighting to get up n down the leg. There are vavles in that part of the leg. I find when blood is at acceptable level 4/5 it feels much better, being thinner it's not fighting to get thru.

    Maybe ask the doc for a sonogram to see I'd those valves are working properly?

    David Florida UNITED STATES

  • Thankyou All for taking the time to reply :)

    I have made an appointment to see the Doc, so if nothing else at least I will be being pro active for myself!! I am already on meloxicam, pregabalin and co codamol for the pain and warfarin for my AF so maybe there won't be much he can do. I will let you guys know how I get on . Mind it won't be for nearly a fortnight as that's the earliest I can see him lol

    Take care x

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