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Thinking of moving into my GP surgery

I've been in 5 times in the last fortnight. This morning, another urgent appointment after I spent all night awake, nauseous, sweating and shaking with the mystery ailment I've had since September. As a kind of bonus (a free diagnosis with every 5 visits?), my GP pointed out that it looks like I am developing shingles. (Thanks Xmas Lupus fairy!)

So anyway, it strikes me that it would be so much more convenient if they just rented me a couch in one of the consulting rooms. It's warm and easily accessible. There's a shower and a dispensary on site. Plenty of parking for visitors , and I could easily ask my milkman to deliver there. In return, they get an extra income stream. It's win-win!

Alternatively, my rheumy could give me an appointment and try to sort out what's wrong. But that's crazy talk.

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I'm sorry that you are considering this relocation but have had stages in my recent life that have been similar so can relate. How lousy it is for you though. Can't they give you the anti Shingles treatment if this is what they suspect?

My present location is where I've lived and been registered for 27 years prior to last year's relocation. I'm now registered permentantly with a practice that is a two hour ferry sailing and six hour drive away so have had to register up here as a short term patient for the next four months until we can properly relocate.

I just went in to ask my old GP if I could be weekly monitored for starting Mycophenolate. He was fine about this and took bloods himself so he has a baseline to work on.

When I went to book my weekly bloods with my old friends who are the practice nurses - my other old GP was joking about me being back in residence in every sense. I told her that I genuinely wouldn't mind as long as I didn't have to be decanted to the new practice down south for any kind of continued occupation. I explained that the place down there is freezing to this island one being toasty, and the waiting area is set out like a chapel of rest in a large, modern, arid atrium hallway - no posters for knitting groups or support groups, no magazines and no kids toys or books. Just 50 red plastic chairs all facing the consulting rooms with an aisle down the middle and a large tv screen with horribly loud radio blaring and public health messages. I'm glad I'm back here with my former second home just down the hill!


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8 hours to get to the doctors'!? Can you do Skype consultations? I hate it when I feel bad on a Friday because it means having to decide whether its worth getting admitted to the hospital over the weekend (always a delight) or to hang on at home with no treatment but hot water bottles and/or ice. But at least my hospital is only at the end of the road - for you it must involve something like the evacuation of Dunkirk.

As for the shingles treatment, yes, that might have been an option, but he wasn't 100% sure and while he was thinking about it, a nurse came in and said, "Can you come and see this 6 year old right away, Doctor?" and off he went. So I made another appointment for next week and went home. x

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Oh heck. Well at least all is close by as you say. Living on a Scottish island with a long term health condition is always quite a thought, I spent a month altogether as an inmate in the local community general hospital last year and it was a kind of hell I don't want to repeat. This is one of the main reasons I was happy to relocate to the mainland despite losing my lovely GPs.

The new practice is very DIY and impersonal - you book appointments and repeat prescriptions online. The two GPs I've seen have both been very straightforward, friendly and business-like with me so far and this actually suits me quite well as the last practice was very paternalistic about everything and the one before that (all since leaving my island practice!) was just horrid!

Are you on immunesuppressants re Shingles? X


Shingles-wise, I haven't a rash atm, just a burning sensation on my skin. The NICE guidance says to start antivirals within 72 hours of rash appearance in immunocompromised people, so I will keep an eagle eye on it over the weekend. It may not be shingles after all.

Yes, sounds like you have made a good choice to relocate.x


Hum - well you need an antiviral if it IS shingles and you need it in the first 24-48 hours for it to be effective.

What were the signs that made him think so?

Just read the other post - I think a call this pm might be in order...


Oh No: shingles so sorry 😟 much do you think shingles may be involved in provoking your nasty complex of worrying persistent "signs & symptoms"? Of course Shingles onset can't be given full responsibility....and maybe these S&S made you extra vulnerable to the shingles virus...chicken & egg spring to mind...take care

If this actually isn't shingles, does that make it another aspect of your undiagnosed S&S ....GRRRR: come on NHS, figure this out!

Am off for my GP appt re referral to gastroenterology in an hour or so 💃💃💃💃


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Thanks coco,

It could be related, i suppose? I'd be happy to suffer a bit of shingles if it means getting this chronic mystery illness sorted out.

Good luck with the gastro team! x

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I too have been given a dose of shingle bells😣

Same symptoms as you with sore burning skin on side of abdo ,felt like my CRPS, no rash yet but GP says he is very sure.

He went to prescribe me the meds for it to catch it before rash and guess what it flashes on screen I am allergic to that whole family of meds😢.

So with a very concerned and kind look and tone he insisted I look after myself and contact out of hours or him straight away if I get worse.

I don't know whether to hope he is wrong about shingles or take it that it might be better than something more complicated😕

Here's hoping you can get sorted out real soon

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thanks, another trip looms, then !

Hope yours clears up, pronto


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Hi whisper it

So sorry to read of your still worrying health problems and maybe now shingles is added to the mix!. Fingers crossed it isn't, last thing you need. Sooner or later your GP is going to have to help you properly, the stress of it all will have brought the shingles on if you do develop it!. Five times in a fortnight should make him take notice!. I often feel I should have a dedicated chair at my doctors surgery I go so regularly!. Taking account of hospital visits too we can spend so much time in waiting rooms!.

Fingers tightly crossed for you.



I am sorry to hear you might have shingles. I had shingles just over 10 years ago. It was on my face. Prescribed Famciclover the day after the rash appeared as it appeared on a Sunday. It stopped me from scarring. If a rash appears please phone out of hours. This medication has to be prescribed, and taken, within 72 hours for it to work.

Take care


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Will do! Since it's still not showing a rash or anything else, I am just watching it - have even drawn around the affected area and taken photos for comparison later!!!


Lol, reminds me of all the times I've just drug a blanket and a pillow onto the bathroom floor overnight, since I'll be spending all night on the toilet anyways! It's somehow especially comforting when I've got nausea.

That is a suuuuper long drive, I totally get wanting to just set up camp there!

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