losing weight

just backfrom the doc and i have lost eight pounds in 2 weeks iam so happy he said the more i lose the better it is for me i eat more when i starting to get depressed and i cant go to the gym so iam trying to keep my chin up iam doing day by day only 6 stone to go

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  • Well done. Keep it up ??

  • Hi Scotty, wow well done you thats a great weight loss do you have a ladyzone gym near you? have a look on the internet I go to one and the machines move and you offer resistance you dont need any special clothes to go and the ladies are all so friendly I always come back feeling better and it keeps my joints more supple as well as helping me lose weight take care x

  • dats fantastic you're on a roll keep goin am so pleased for you

  • Which exercises did you do to acheieve this fantqastic weight loss?

  • Pls what exercise are u on. I take walks almost every morning but my weight is still high. Am so ashamed to weigh myself when I go to d hospital for my appiontments. I really need to loose the weight

  • i have made amisstake in the first line offfmy last blog i was ment to sa dont feek ashamed avout your weight i dont do any exercise what i do is drink 7pints offf water a day

    its hard work there been times when i stay in bed all day feeling sorry for myself

    i take each day asd it comes members on lupus are great as you just need to post a blog and you know that your not on your own thay do try and my you smile take care fromscotty

  • Well hey there good for you.........not sure about 7pints of water tho!!!!!!

    but you never know, i might try it as well.

    Good luck and well done xx

  • great stuff i have been trying to force myself to drink more water lately as well doc told me most the time we think we are hungry we actually thirsty and to drink a big glass of water. so im wrking on it slowly

  • How are you losing the weight? what kind of diet are you following?

  • How are you losing weight and what kind of diet are you following. I need to lose at least 30 pounds.

  • Hi Scotty

    You sound like you have done really well. Keep it up I'm sure you can get where you want at this rate.

    I know how hard it is when you are struggling but keep hold off all the good you have done so far.

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