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Hot hot hot again!

Well here it is, my first blog! I'm scared :/ Here goes..

So I'm sat here just finishing my first fever of the day (which is unusual because it's usually my 2nd by now) - which means maybe I'll just get away with it twice today :)

But this is basically what it's been like for me over the last four weeks or so - fever - sleep - fever - eat - fever - waste lots of data on laptop etc. etc. Oh I do squeeze getting a bath in there aswell at some point!

No aches and pains though and no being sick so that's a bonus. Just wonder when it's all going to stop this time?? Tedious isn't the word!

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My sweats seem to last most of the afternoon and are usual when I am active,plus the continual aches and pain.I find it very embarrasing as people usually ask me if I am okalthough I look very healthy.The sweats give me a rosy glow,great.If only people knew how ill I feel,but then it is'nt their fault.I am absolutely relying on my next appoitment with the reumatologist for hepl.Good luck to all that suffer.


Do u get very cold before hand? It's left me with cuts in my mouth because of the uncontrollable shivering. Luckily I haven't had it quite as bad as that this time. Still makes me feel so poorly though :(

That's the problem, people don't see what goes on behind closed doors.

I hope you get sorted x


I have terrible sweats but mostly through the night which is a pain and creates lots of changes of pjs and bedclothes but as pp said its all behind closed doors.


I am about to beg my reumatologist for some help with the sweats plus of course the usual distressing aches and pains.Anti-malarial drugs were suggested but there was acomplication with taking those,now steroids are being suggested.Although fatigue is a big factor,sometimes I can't sleep and have to take Zopiclone 3.75mg[sometimes 2x]to get some sleep.Does this happen to you?


It's hard to say about my sleeping patterns, or lack of! I've had disrupted sleep since the fevers started about 3 years ago. Unfortunately they're completely unpredictable and don't care what time of night/morning it is. Very exhausting when they last at least 3 hours. I think my body just gets used to it and it's hard to break out of.

When I'm fever free though I've had trouble sleeping from the sensations in my feet. I just took Tramadol to lessen it and to help me nod off. I did go to the doctor to see if I should start taking anything else to help me but he said to just stick to the Tramadol.

It's not that bad all the time but it's very rare that I'll sleep through the night without waking 2 or 3 times.


i seem to be getting the fevers day in day out where iam soaking wet my boady is hot all over but the sweat is cold and when it subcides i go cold and start shivering i have to change my clothes all the time and has stopped me from going out as i had one fever on a bus coming home and the sweat was pouring down my face and neck and my trousers was soaking wet as if i had wet myself i get a fever then it dies down for a hr or so then another creeps in is there anyone else like me who is suffering like me and if there is are they on any medication for it as i would like to know so that i can go back to my gp and see if i can try anything to stop these fevers as its getting me so low now plus i was put on wafarin so there is only certain meds that i can take which dont alter my inr results many thanks suz x


So sorry you're suffering suz. When I get fevers they're very much like flu fever, very high temp and get very sick. And seem to be the other way round, getting very cold first. I'm not sure about medication.. My consultants just concentrate on trying to control the flares altogether by using auto-immune med Mycophenolate mainly. But also on Hydroxy and Prednisolone. Are you on any other meds apart from Warfarin? Do you see you're consultant regularly to ask him/her? x


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