Blood Pressure and Lupus

Hi Everyone, this is my first post although I have been reading for a while now, I was diagnosed about 4 years ago, I take HCQ, thyroxine, amitryptyline and tramadol for the pain, It is quite well managed but lately I have been feeling quite unwell and very tired and headachy. My blood pressure is through the roof 204/120, the lowest it has been this week is 153/120. i am being sent for more blood tests and being told to "chillax" (I am not really tense or under pressure at all !).

My question is , is this something that is common with lupus? Something else that I have notice, if you will excuse my corseness, is that my pee is really smelly.

Thanks for any light you can shed on this.

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  • Hi there,

    I know everyone experiences Lupus differently but my high blood pressure was linked to my kidneys not working properly.

    I take my own BP everyday and your readings seem terribly dangerously high!!!

    Can't believe you're being told to chillax.

    Do you feel unwell?

  • Hi Charm and thank you for your answer, i don;t feel terribly unwell, just a bit out of breath at times and just "under the weather". The reading was low this morning if 154 /116 is low! :-) I am going to see the rheumy on Monday, and i have a list to take with me :-)

  • If your pee is smelly you could have a urine infection and that needs attention as kidney problems cause high blood pressure. The doctor or nurse can check a urine sample for you.

  • Hi Herb

    I am seeing the rheumy on Monday and I have a very long list for him as lots has been happening since I saw him last, hopefully my fears that it has affected my heart and kidneys is unfounded.

  • good they usually check urine anyway.

  • Is your wee frothy? if so could be protein in your water. I had kidney involvement a few years back and with that along with high BP i would suggest you see your GP. He would do a dipstick test on your water to see if protein is present. It would put your mind at rest i'm sure. Take care x

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