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Lupus and hypothyroidism


I was diagnosed with an under active thyroid around 3 months ago. Since then I have been taking thyroxine. I have a blood test this week because something else showed up in my blood results that suggests another auto immune disease. If it comes back positive my doctor most likely thinks it is lupus.

I have looked at all of the symptoms of lupus, and I seem to have everyone, so it seems most likely. The thing I am really struggling with is weight. I go to the gym 5 times a week, I horse ride, and eat a vegetarian diet. I would have thought now I have also been taking thyroxine for a while I would find it easier to lose weight?

Just looking for any advice or tips or if anyone is living with both


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Hi Meb24,

Welcome to the LUPUS UK community!

We've got a free information pack that might be helpful for you as you approach a diagnosis. If you're interested then you can send off for one or download it from here:

I'm sorry to hear that you are struggling to lose weight despite a lot of effort. We've got a booklet called 'LUPUS and Healthy Eating'. It talks about how to eat a balanced diet, which is beneficial for people with lupus. You can find this here:



Hi, I have had an under active thyroid for 21 years and lupus for 7 years. My weight is a

constant struggle, it goes up/down the entire time and not helped with steroids. What I have found is I can lose weight but have to be quite careful what I eat. For me, following a weight watchers diet has helped me lose 3 stone. I don't find the weight comes off very fast and it goes back on quickly. 3 months is not a long time to allow your body to adjust. Also, when they check your thyroid levels ask where abouts you are within what is considered the normal range. I was feeling ill again recently and it was found that I was in the higher of what is considered the normal range so my thyroxine dose was put up and I feel better for it. You may find your dose isn't right yet. Good Luck.


Hi, I have Lupus and in the last year a under active thyroid, plus other stuff...... My weight goes up and down, menopause adding to that but I find I try to eat a balanced diet just eating a little of the main groups and not over restricting as I was having trouble poor absorption and nutrition restrictions. Being over weight doesn't mean we have all the nutrition we need. Have you spoken to your doctor. Fluid retention can also be a problem. See Georges comment re lupus sheets. And welcome.


I had a terrible time losing weight with my thyroid issues until I gave up bread and pasta. Sadly ;) that worked.

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I have had these flare up "lupus for years.When i feel sick I gain 20 pounds when it goes away i go back down to 120 without any effort either way.It's weird I dont get it.


Hi! I've got lupus and subclinical hypothyroidism and I'm vegetarian too. For me, keeping fit is really important. My main symptoms are nerve related. I do running and swimming. Not many hints and tips really. Perhaps try some toning exercises Pilates or yoga or some strength exercises which may help. I guess the only other thing is to listen to your body and don't overdo it. Well that's what I try to tell myself anyway! Possibly more importantly maybe think about talking to your dr about your medicines. You could check that they are happy that you are on right dose of levothyroxine if that's what you take. Also some lupus meds increase appetite eg prednisolone so again maybe chat to dr and see what they say. Good luck.


Hi your weight gain could be because your thyroxine dose is too low. Hyperhyroidism is when you have too much thyroxine and you lose weight and get palpitations etc. If you are still feeling tired etc. go back to your gp for further bloods.


Hi ,join the club,my weight doubled in six months ,your metabolism has changed so your diet must also change ,I found by reducing my intake to match my new needs my weight did start to drop, it never went back to it old level but I joined as slimming club and found this most helpful.its a bit of a nightmare but with help it will get better.

Good luck


Thankyou everyone for your replies, your advice and stories have helped :)


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