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Hi I don't know if it's just me that is weird, but does any one find their went up instead blood pressure goes up when they take medication to bring it down. ? The nurse said my BP was very high. I told her it was only when I went to the surgery it went up but she didn't believe me. She gave me tablets and my BP went up, not down. This happens everytime I take blood pressure tablets. Is it just me? Be glad of some advice.


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4 Replies

  • I have high blood pressure and take 2 tablets to control it and it is under control. Do you take other medication sometimes other medication can affect your blood pressure I have just started taking sulfasalazine for PsA and I think it might be affecting my blood pressure so I am going to mention it to the rheumy clinic when I go in January take care

  • Hi, my consultant fits me with a 24 hour blood pressure monitor every now and then. She does this because my blood pressure goes up with nerves when I see her.The 24 hours check gives a true reading and will also detect if the blood pressure is going up under normal circumstances.

  • I'm taking one tablet a day now , only for the last 4 days, but my BP was over 200 when I got up yesterday morning. The tablets make me feel fuzzy headed for a few hours and a lot weaker. Had a real struggle getting the washing in the tumble dryer and lifting a stollen cake into the cupboard. It's such a stupid thing to have when you can't even pick up a small teapot without useing 2 hands. BP tablets just make it worse.

  • Thankyou for all the replys. I have been taking my blood pressure every morning and at other times without the tablets. It's nearly always around 154 over 84. My heart rate can be very low some days, only 60 or less in the morning. The trouble starts when I get up. The struggle to get dressed and make a cup of coffee sends it really high but then it goes down after a while. Struggling to get in the car and into the doctors and down corridors makes it go up. But if I'm sitting about it's low. So confusing.

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