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what pain killers shall i take?

I have really bad back pain and am just waiting for a appointment with physio (dont no what good it will do), also i am taking co codamol 30/500mg ( although i like them was they put me to sleep at night plus i am a very petite) but i am getting a car next wednesday and cant drive on co codamol. has anyone got any suggestions of a good pain killer to ask my GP for?

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Hi XliddybX,

I have really bad back pain which I believe is linked to lupus. I take 500mg of naproxen twice a day and hydroxychloroquine. Since taking these my back has improved. I'm careful not to strain it and I always carry a heat pack (you can buy them in Pound land) just in case the terrible pain comes back.

I also have co codamol but I try to reserve these for when the pain becomes unbearable and for the same reasons as you.

In the past, I have also been prescribed straight codeine (30mg) which I found to be more effective than the co codamol.

Although Omega 3 fish oils are not pain relief, I take 1000mg (x3) per day. I feel this has also greatly helped with pain.

I hope this is of some help to you.


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I was on numerous pain control medication and had physio for a while, they also tried acupunture. Eventually it was NOT my doctors that found the problem, but my Lupus specialist. he did a 'pin test' on my legs and then sent me for a MRI scan and the results showed I had trapped my sciatic nerves. I was then finally sent to a spine specialist who gave me injections in my spine that last up to SIX months. Your doctors don't want to refer you as it costs Them, the cheapest for them is physio and mine had been giving me the WRONG excersices to do which made my spine worse. I am on a patient group at my own doctors surgery so I Know there are 'steps' they all take to save money.

It is the same with medication, they are swapping everyone on to generics of Naproxen and Plaqinel with dire effects for some of us, ie. Me Brown teeth and some Very bad stomach problems. I am seeing their pharmisist next week to discuss this and Who we can inform (a 'body') Some of the cheaper medications are Not coated and so that is where the problems happen. I thretened to send them the bill for teeth whitening if they did not swap me back, changed them the same day but my teeth have never been as 'clean' looking as before and I did not have the money to get them done. BEWARE my friends, it is not about Our heath any more it is about Money, the Less they spend on us, the More goes into the medical practice's purses!


You do not say what is causing your back pain. firstly i feel you need a good anti-inflammatory like diclofenac either tablets or gel. The gel is very good as it can be applied to the actual area of pain and soak into the muscles affected in the reducing the inflammation and so the pain, and they dont go through the stomach to the liver.(you canbut voltereze ina chemist).I would try this first although naproxen is a good anti-inflammatory but only on prescription. The main source of healing for back pain is rest. Also- if there is muscle spasm involved - a muscle relaxant would be helpful = like 2mgs of diazepam twice a dat for a few days with rest can make an enormous difference. I think you need to see what you GP thinks the cause of your back pian is first. but try the ibuleve or voltereze in the interim. good luck


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Hi i have cutaneous lupus and back pain its terrible my doctor put me on gabapentin for the pins and needles in my hip buttock and leg they are good for me ,i am also on Naproxen twice a day and cocodomol 30/500mg i take after i arrive at work and at around 2.30pm so they are working but not giving me side effects by time i am driving home hope this may be of some help to you x


hi there

i have been on diclofenac for a long time

but my rhumy has now changed me to

meloxicam i was took of diclofenac has it can cause probs with your kidneys

i found diclofenac brilliant for pain control i was on 75mg twice a day

meloxicam is fine but took a few trys with other pain killers before this suited me

hope this helps


have a word with your lupus doc. he will be able to advise you which ones to take. they need to be monited to make sure you are ok . eg blood tests. it has taken them 10 years to get me where i am , and im still not there, thats the problem with lupus, it keeps changing. good luck hun.x

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just a point to add about all the anti inflammatories; I'm sure you all now about how good they are but the main problem with them is they irritate the stomach. It is not as popular method of administration in this country but 2 years ago I used them in suppository form and they worked very well while avoiding my stomach.

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Hi, I have Lupus and Sjorgren's. I was originally diagnosed with Rhuematoid Arthritis over 27 years ago. Having been on anti inflammatory drugs for a few years I developed stomach ulcers so stopped using them. I have used many different painkillers with little effect, perhaps Tramadol was the nearest thing that gave me a little comfort. My back gives me dreadful pain and I have been told I have osteoarthritis there. The only thing that gives me relief is acupuncture and I get my treatment done on the NHS so it costs me nothing. Doesn't work for everyone but it means for me I can cross another tablet off my list. The pain relief last for a few months then I have some more treatment. Works for my neck pain too and cured my plantar fasciitis. So you can understand why I'm a fan! Worth discussing with your consultant or GP but you have to sometimes search yourself for an NHS acupuncturist. Physiotherapists are usually the ones that can do it, but some GP's offer that service too. Hope this helps, never give up, always fight for the best for you x


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