i was just wondering if anyone else was put on azathioprine besides the hydroxi and prednislone. I also have to have steriod injections has a top up and always take co codamol. My rummi says they are struggling to get my lupus under control this i know is true because i am still in constant pain and need the pain relief. Not understanding levels but spotted that my ana levels are at +3200. Dont know if this is good or bad. Any answers please


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  • Hi, I am just about to start taking Azathioprine...I have intolerance to lots of different drugs. Just came off Hydroxychloroquine as it made me itch so badly. I am going into hospital for an overnight stay in 2 weeks for observation when I start it to ensure I am not allergic to this drug too. Just had steroid injections in both shoulders on Monday to try to help pain. The only painkillers I can tolerate at the moment is Oxycontin...but I dont like to take it if I didnt have to. I hope this helps. You are not alone x


  • Thanks jacquie :-) It is been added to my list of medications and have had a blood test to check my enzymns.... so glad im not a doctor haha... im sure i dont have intolarence to the meds im taking other than im still in lots of pain :-( i really hope that this med works for you and good luck with the hospital let us know how you get on x

  • Hi I was on azathioprine for a bit but had to come off it as it didn't agree with me. This was in the early stages where they use you like a guinea pig, finally ended up on mycophenolate mofetil, hydroxy and steroids. Touch wood seems to be the best combo by far but still have a lot of pin

  • Hi Donnygirl

    I had great results with azathioprine initially. It cleared up my lupus rash for the first times in years, & gave me more energy. Unfortunately as the dose was increased, I also developed drug sensitivity, like JacquieCD. But please don't worry that this will happen to you, I know of loads of lupies who take it with great success.

    I really hope it works for you. X

  • Hi, I take all of these along with morphine, celebrex and pregabalin amongst others. My lupus has never gone into remission but I can happily say that I feel in less pain than I ever have done since starting azathioprine over a year ago now. It's a bit of a pain (pardon the pun) having to stop and start with infections etc but I wouldnt be without it. Take care and good luck xx

  • Thank you for all your comments it has really helped to put things in order in my head :-) i just want to spend some time pain free so quite happy to be used haha. Since taking the hydroxi i have for the first time in ten years got a healthy looking tan instead of a mass of rash x sometimes i just get this idea that all these meds are going to be my miracle cure and make me feel human again and in reality that is not the case.

  • Someone I know who is intolerant to aziathoprine was given mercaptopurine(?) instead and copes well with that. As I understand it, mercaptopurine is the end product in our bodies of azathioprine. Might be worth asking about?

  • Hi, I take aza along with hydroxy and prednisolone. Also take 12hr slow release tramadol and co-codamol. Whilst I still have many of the symptoms of SLE and feel less mobile in recent months than previously the counsultant is happy that the AZA is working (according to blood results). I haven't had any major problems, some nausea and occasional sickness when first prescribed and on each increase but usually able to manage this by eating a biscuit or banana (some small snack) at the time of taking, also resting when feeling nauseous seems to help.

    All the best when you start it, Slowmo

  • Thank you everybody xx

  • Hi I'm on all three of these and have had some good results still get some pain but no where near as much and I am much more mobile than previously, does take time thought, I didn't feel the effects for about three months even though blood test were good. stick with it if you can, good luck xx

  • I too am on all three, plus the slow release Tramadol and also Buprenorphine patches. Still do have pain, but when I tried to stop some of the painkillers because I was convinced they weren't working, I soon realised that they were to an extent.

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