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permanent pain !!??

I have fibro and possible lupus so i am used to always being in some degree of pain vertually anywhere in my body but my ankles hurt really badly .

The pain is a constant , no matter what else happens to be hurting ! Its like , its damaged !?? or something as it never goes away and especially hurts when i walk down steps !

So my question is ..... does your pain progress? have you got pain in an area that never goes and feels permanently week ?

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They,ve been like this for about 5 wks


I have nerve damage pain in mine, this is extrememly painful so worth being checked out. You can have steroid injections in your feet for either nerve or joint pain if its hurting u a lot. I find the injections very helpful and they leave u with pretty much painfree for about 6 months at a time x x


I think that the pain you have with lupus is transitory in nature. It may move to another part of your body eventually. At least thats how it affects me. 5 weeks though is quite a long time especially as it affects your walking.


hello, i get it all the time too. its awful....sometimes if it feels like you cant get out of bed as every movement is so painful x i hope things improve for you xx


I once had dreadful problems with my knees which went on for such a long time I thought the same as you and insisted on having them X-rayed, lol. Absolutely nothing wrong - just inflammation/pain from the lupus. Many years down the line I now recognise it's possible to have quite lengthy bouts of pain in some joints - and especially the legs, which have to carry us round and are difficult to rest. Talk to your GP or Rheumy about more-effective inflammation and pain control. Hope they stop hurting so badly soon! x


I agree with Tigerlily - at the beginning my hands/wrists hurt so much I could not turn a key in a lock. I couldn't sleep for the pain. My knees were UNbelieveable and it never let up. 7 years on my joint pain is much, much better and I don't suffer unless I overdo it (and at the end of the day).


Hi there Larissa......

Do you mind if I ask if you - have asked your GP or Rheum Consultant if a local steroid injection would help? Just as Heatherx says - it can give relief for up to 6 months.

Also - does your job involve a lot of time standing or walking about? It could be that your ankle pain is not related to the general fibromyalgia....

I had similar intense pain (in all joints) for a long time before the Consultant changed my meds to Plaquinel - many of us take it, and mostly it is really effective in keeping joint pain and inflammation at a bearable level. It does take a few weeks, however, before the beneficial effects are noticeable.

Another thing which helped me a lot (it is such a simple thing, and obvious when you think about it..) was changing my regular footwear. I used to wear scholl-type (backless) slip-slops most of the time at home, and sandals for work. An Orthopaedic specialist told me that this was the main cause of my pain (as well as being overweight!) - so persuaded me to wear more supportive shoes, with a medium heel. For about a year, I wore special inserts in the shoes to correct the bone alignment and tried very hard to lose weight, with some success.

Your problem might not relate to this at all - but it is worth looking at the obvious causes first.

Hope this helps!


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