Pain under my ribs and tip of shoulder and up the right side of my neck

Hi guys I have been having these really bad pains around my front right rib area for about 3-4 months and sometimes it's unbareable. It comes and goes but when it comes people can see I'm in pain, when I have the pain it hurts when I breath in, laugh, cough, lean forwards and laying down is the worst also got pain in the tip of my shoulder and going up the right side of my neck its pose painful 

Has anyone else been having this and has anyone got a clue what it could be??


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13 Replies

  • Possibly could be gallstones,but only your doctor will be able to diagnose you ,all best wishes xx

  • Hi, my granddaughter has just been diagnosed with costochondritis.  It's been linked to lupus as well.

  • Hiya, I have SLE & have experienced similar symptoms to what you describe.  Like you the pain was intermittent but when it came was unbearable. Visited my doctor & was diagnosed with pleruersy

  • I've had the same experience!

  • Idon't want to panic you but I  was having same pains eventually it got that bad I couldnt sleep laying down & stuggling with breathing  went hospital they thought it was a blood clot on lungs but after scan tests etc it was lupus causing inflammation around the chest area. Don't leave it go to you Dr's &get checked out once I was on medication it improved .I hope you get some answers soon & feel better x

  • It sounds to me, Kaya93, as if you may have a trapped nerve on & off in your neck ! Is the pain eased by pulling back your head like a chicken ?  If I were you, I would seek the advice of a good SPORTS PHYSIO ! May have been caused by lifting badly, or coughing. Our muscles don't support our spine ( which probably has osteoarthritis) as well as they used to do as we get older,  correct posture & exercises can help strengthen them.

    Good luck, I hope the pain eases soon.

  • I have gall stones and Costochondria. From what you describe it sounds like Costochondria.

  • I hope you'll see your GP about this soon...I've had somewhat similar symptoms over the years...related to various conditions...from pleurisy to spondylosis etc etc

    🍀🍀🍀🍀 coco

  • Hi Kaya, from myself having similar pains (see GP Monday next) I had read that if it accompanied pain on breathing (mine doesn't) then you should see your GP straight away, no one wants to alarm you but this has been going on for a while now, maybe like me you bury your head in the sand and hope it will go away, this is not something that is going to go away Kaya. Ring and try to get in today to see GP as an emergency. Just a phone call back from GP would at least put your mind at rest.

    Take care and let us know how you go.


  • I've had very similar pain. Excruciating pain on breathing in - right side neck, along collar bone.. Not so much that sharp pain in ribs though. But I have really bad separate issue I think with upper back, should blade around to ribs at side. That pain I get neck/collarbone is unbearable but it only lasts for say 4hrs then slowly goes.. I've had 4 flares of this in last month. No idea what it is though - sorry! 

  • OMG Trueman.. that is exactly what I am expirencing. Did you find out what was causing it? But the areas you describe are exactly what Im dealing with. I also find the pain intensity tends to fluctuate from intense to dull from area to area. I am going to the ER today just to be safe, make sure its not related to heart attack event. But please let me know what you found out.

  • Im experiencing the exact thing for about 1week now. What is this??

  • Im experiencing it too.. what is causing this??

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