Dose anyone know if you can get Employment Support Allowance if you have Fibromyalgia. I had my Incapacity

benefit stopped my appeal is soon

My condition is worse than when I was medically retired from my last job, I sent in 2 medical notes from my Doctor

for two months because I was told if I done that I would get pay from them until my appeal but I got nothing, So

I had to go to the Job centre and sign-on and look for work and they put me on a course, I feel a lot worse because of the stress and now having flare-ups every month, all the extra walking I am now doing is so painful I do hope things go well for me at the appeal.

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Hello Kedaco.

I have full sympathy fro you,i too lost my job because of ill health btu left on redundancy grounds.i am a lot worse now than at that time too.I was on IB and now get ESA having diagnosed fibro but have lupus your doctor giving you full support.maybe you could ask him to write a letter (if not already done)saying you are unfit for work.Mine wrote me a letter to send with my claim.i hope all goes well at your appeal.


Thank you for your reply, I had to change my doctor just before I lost my benefit and had to see 4 doctors at my new surgery before I got a doctor than understood what I was going though he got a specialist from London to see me and I am going back towards the end of this month. I was diagnosed as having Behcet's then another specialist said there was no sign of Behcet's which at the time there wasn't, but I get these flare-ups with similar symptoms to Behcet's


Hi Kedaco

Good luck for your Appeal. I hope it goes well for you. It just depends how they view you and all your evidence on the day. If you fail I strongly advise that you go to your local Citizen's Advice Bureau who will be able to help you with maybe re-applying for ESA and they'd help with filling in the forms. Take your Appeal papers with you if you go. I hope it won't be needed. Let us know how you got on. X


Thank you Misty my Appeal is on Friday


Hi, I have fibro along with other things and get the new ESA. Good luck with your appeal. I had one years ago when my incapacity benefit was stopped, they are not to bad, I was told to base everything on my worst day. Let sis know how you get on.


Find out if you there is a welfare right's officer at your local council office who will be able to help you at your appeal and they will also help you fill out any government forms that you may have.


Hi got taken off incap put on ESA working group appealed &was refused ihave fibromyalgia &arthritis in my spine some days can't walk my ESA stops in november had to attend job center but can't claim jsa cuz I'm not fit for work but not sick enough for ESA attos r crap


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